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  1. Alterna has many gluten-free products...I just posted a list from them
  2. Don't forget my new fave Tito's Vodka (corn) There's some more but everything tasted like moonshine! I can't touch Smirnoff, gives me insta-headache
  3. I'm constantly amazed that by reading others posts I find links to things I had no idea were related to the gluten. For years I would pass out around 11 then wake up 3 or 4 times a night for no reason. The last couple years before eliminating gluten, my elbows & hips would be so achy I thought...
  4. I've worked in a biomedical device company for he last few years dealing with Doc offices. Be persistant!! Part of our company is in Germany & in May I was with a group of them, turns out Celiac & gluten Intolerance etc is widely known there as well as a few other countries. They sent...