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  1. thanks guys. i didnt know about the seronegative celiac. i dont understand why a blood test is even used when there is such high risks of it coming back as a false negative, is it because a biopsy costs so much in other countries? I didnt keep a diary but my symptoms when on gluten are itchy head itchy bottom sinus anxiety autistic traits depression brain fog pain on left side of stomach varying from bearable to quiet uncomfortable burning sensation in stomach fatigue irregular bowel movements bloating and putting on weight around the stomach hair loss i think ill just go back to being gluten free, i might get the gene test done and just go with what that says. i dont think its worth all the pain and suffering to get an answer that might not even be correct. i guess i was just hoping to find some definitive answers to what is going on in my body, but i might just have to accept that i may never really know thanks again. you are all very helpful
  2. Hi guys i just got the test done for celiac disease, i was gluten free for 6 months, ate the equivalent of 4 pieces of bread each day for 6 weeks as recommend by coeliac australia and got the test. the results came back negative which i guess is good but its annoying as i dont know if its a false negative or im just non celiac gluten sensitive. im not sure where to go from here, do i keep eating gluten and feeling like rubbish on the chance i have celiac or do i just go with non celiac and call it a day. Here are my results, i dont know if theres anything that might hint at something or not? IMG_20171103_171932.pdf IMG_20171103_172029.pdf
  3. thanks for your replies Yes brain fog is one of my main symptoms and ive never had benzodiazepine before so i probably not a good idea lack of sleep has never been a problem for me, its the opposite for me, i sleep for about 10hrs a night and am still tired all day Im just going to have all my gluten tuesday morning and then back on it after my interview, also im taking my supplements again, so hopefully i can hold it together long enough to at least give it my best shot, i wont be upset if i dont get it as long as i try my best. thanks for you help
  4. Hi everyone Just have a couple of questions i was hoping you could help me with I have nearly completed my 3rd week of the gluten challenge, in my craziness (my symptoms mainly affect my brain) i went and applied for a few jobs and happened to get an interview which is next wednesday. Now there is no way ill have any chance of getting the job if i go in there all glutened up, as ill be like a zombie who wont be able to string a sentence together Im thinking my options are 1. Get my blood test on monday and stop eating gluten straight after so i have a couple of days to recover a little, but i will only be starting my 4th week so it probably wont be very accurate and is probably a waste of time 2. eat all my gluten tuesday morning and then go gluten free until the interview (which will still be having my gluten intake every day), i just dont know if that will be enough time to do much for me though 3. can i miss a couple of days or does that mean i have to start the challenge again, or does it mean i might have to do an extra couple of days or weeks? Also am i able to take gut healing supplements, probiotics and calming medicine while doing the gluten challenge? i stopped taking them because i thought they would interfere with the celiac test results thanks mat
  5. I understand completely what you are saying, stress is probably what caused mine too and i haven't even done anything that stressful in my life. I just want to be able to do something i enjoy, i feel that if i make it to 80 or so and look back at my life i will regret never trying anything because i was too scared. If i cant get a mechanic apprenticeship I would like to at least try a few different things like an online business or blog or anything that may make a few $$, just to see if i could do it. (i would keep my job while doing it). All i know is i cant keep doing a job i dont like for the next 50yrs its a shame about your computer programming course, i was given a job as a computer technician from the school i went to when i finished, which i did for roughly a year so i had potential to do something with my life, but anxiety and depression took over and it was all down hill from there on in for me. Its good you have got into something you enjoy and are making a go of it this is what im wanting to achieve, doing something i enjoy and thinking outside the box for different business ideas I do have a trade in wall and floor tiling, only because my parents owned a tile shop and paid a tiler to put me through an apprenticeship, I have not tiled for a long time so i have lost any confidence i had in it, plus i do not enjoy this work at all and unfortunately it doesn't seem to open any doors into any other jobs. When i said over overqualified, i meant feeling comfortable and in control of the situation, knowing that i could do the job, having no doubt in my ability to do the work. I live in Australia in a small country town and the only jobs available are for doctors I will look into your suggestions though
  6. Hi everybody My name is Mat and im 35 years old, married with 2 children. I have struggled with depression, anxiety, brain fog, no energy etc for a very long time. Because of this i have not been able to do much career wise. I have only been able to take jobs that i felt over qualified for like warehouse jobs and mowing jobs, with a fair bit of unemployment in between as i wasn't able to cope with life. I recently went gluten free to see if that would help and it made a huge difference and felt like i could do something with my life, but unfortunately i found out that its not easy to change careers when you dont have anything to offer. My interests have always been cars, farming, sustainability/living off the grid, creating a charity or not for profit, entrepreneur/business owner. i have tried but cant get an apprenticeship as a mechanic as im probably too old, i cant afford a farm and im not sure if there are even jobs in sustainabilty/living off the grid. Ive looked at many uni courses but nothing seems to interest me except maybe a business course, but i am hesitant as i have attempted courses before and have failed. The furthest i have got is coming up with ideas for a not for profit, but i cant get past the business plan part. Im really struggling with this part of my life and it is also made harder when im still trying to figure out what my body is doing, what it doesn't like, and how to control it. I do have a job at the moment mowing lawns and maintaining yards, but i spend most of the day deciding which tree to hang myself from (I am currently 3 weeks into the gluten challenge so this isnt helping). I have applied for many jobs but never hear back. i just want to be able to do something i enjoy, I cant wait to go gluten free again, but i do worry because i still had depression (no where near as bad though) because i finally felt i could achieve anything but no one would give me a chance. I also think ill still be more of an introvert than a extrovert, but dont really know for sure as i wasnt gluten free long enough to see all the gains ill have. Has anyone been through something similar and come out the other side, anyone created their own business and doing well, succeeded in business etc So is there any hope for me? p.s if theres anyone out there that can help me in anyway, any advice, help setting up an online business, apprenticeship in mechanics ANYTHING, id really appreciate it
  7. Thanks Matt again My Doctor just moved away so i dont even have a doctor at the moment, thats why its so hard, ill pretty much be going to some random doctor who doesnt know me at all and asking for a celiac test, hopefully i pick a good one ps you can have the ashes for being helpful
  8. Hi guys Im in the process of trying to get tested for celiac and food intolerances. The naturopath that first put me onto a gluten free diet has said he can test me but he said that in australia we only get tested for the main strains of celiac disease and not all of them like usa and other countries do, so you might have one of the rarer strains and it will come back as negative. does anyone know if this is true? i think he said it was like $50 for one test and $100 for the other with the food intolerance test which he recommends he said it will cost $650, which to me is alot of money. is it cheaper to go to a doctor and get the tests done? im a little hesitant to go to the doctors from all the negativity ive read from doctors not believing in gluten issues. how much should a test like this cost? Also my naturopath said i only need to eat gluten for 4 days before the test, but everything else ive read said its at least a month or longer so im a little unsure what im doing, i am thankful for the naturopath as he is the only one that has actually made me feel better, the doctors have not help me at all, but in saying that the naturopath isnt a doctor, and i cant claim any of his stuff through medicare which is costing me alot of money
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies, ill do some more reading so i understand it all a bit better and then decide where to go from there
  10. Thanks for the replies I have not done a celiac test, i didnt even know it was a thing until 6 months ago. i have been diagnosed by the doctor with social anxiety and adhd inattentive, all they want to do is give me drugs, the last one i had made me want to kill myself. I live in a small country town in Australia, i think ive seen every doctor here over the last 10yrs trying to get help and not one of them helped me Yes it is costing alot of money, but i was feeling so good that he could have had all my money, just this set back has got me a bit worried, as im scared of going back to how i was. I have children, one of them is exactly like me, she has been diagnosed with mild autism, we try to get her to eat gluten free but she is very hard as she only likes certain things, so she is a work in progress. My sister is seeing the naturopath too after she saw how well i was doing, she has hoshimoto disease but the doctor never tested her for celiac or gluten intolerence either. My mum is similar, but she seems to manage so she hasnt done anything about it. I thought i didnt have celiac because i dont feel nausea or vomiting, and my wife said that you feel really sick if you eat gluten, but i only get some pains in my stomach and mostly mental problems, is this right or can it affect people differently? In a day i normally eat watermelon, banana, apple, yoghurt and nuts for breakfast lettuce, cheese, cucumber, tomato, avocado, beetroot and either ham salmon or chicken with it for lunch dinner is normally some sort of meat and vegetables occasionally i will have gluten free cereal or gluten free bread if im in a hurry that day the detox was literally silver and aloe vera juice, i didnt change anything else except the supplements I would like to get tested, so i know whats going on, and it would be good to have a doctor that can help me and suport me. So the best thing for me to do would be to eat gluten, then go to the doctor and ask for a celiac/ncgs test?
  11. Hi Guys, Im new here, and been gluten free for just over 6 months, so im still learning alot. heres some background info: I have suffered with bad anxiety, depression, and brain fog (as well as some other stuff) for over 15years, probably longer but it wasnt as bad so i could manage it . I tried different types of medications from doctors but they didnt really work. I went and saw a naturopath about 6 months ago and he put me on a gluten free diet as well as giving me metagenics neurocalm, glutagenics, ultra flora digest, and a probiotic ultraflora digest immune control, he has interchanged the probiotic with another one, but i cant remember what it was called. Anyway i started feeling really good, and was improving more and more every week. About 4 weeks ago the naturopath decided to do a part detox on me which was silver and aloe vera juice. I stopped my medication while i did the detox apart from the probiotic. All my symptoms came back a little bit but i just thought it was from the detox. I have now been finished my detox for a couple of weeks and back on all my supplements and now i feel like im back where i started. im anxious, depressed, no energy, foggy brain etc. Has anyone else been through this, Does anyone have any thoughts on what is going on, any solutions etc? Any help would be appreciated, as i cant go back to the way i felt, especially when i know how good i can feel Thanks Mat