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  1. Some people can be asymptomatic, I know a few celiacs like this. Needless to say, this doesn't mean that gluten isn't still wreaking havoc in your intestines.
  2. Sweet, thank you everyone this helps a lot!
  3. Yea, as a celiac I wouldn't ever rely on enzymes to save me. The problem isn't in the food, it's your immune system. Therefore, the only way we're goin for to solve this, is with some sort of treatment for the immune system. You can do whatever you want to break down the gluten, but there's no fail...
  4. I know which alcohols are gluten free. I haven't really had a problem with that. My problem is when I go to a bar, what do I order? Like what popular mixed drinks are gluten free regularly?
  5. Hey guys, does anyone have any go-to drinks they get at most bars that are pretty much always gluten free? I'm having a tough time ordering when I'm out with my friends. I don't ever know what's safe, and asking the bartender EXACTLY what's in each drink is kind of a pain. Ill probably still...
  6. Hopefully if this problem gets spread around enough the navy (or any military branch for the matter) will start making gluten free MRE's. I mean that's all they need and they'll have a large group of readily available, strong, healthy people willing to serve their country. I am looking into joining...
  7. NutraBio is my go to. Although I don't take their preworkout (I use the BCAA and Creatine) all of their supplements are gluten free, vegan, dairy free and have minimal additives. Check them out and look at the ingredients in case there's any additives that don't go well for you.
  8. This. I like to tell people that if they put gluten in my food or near me, I'm going to do the same to them with rat poison.
  9. yea sorry I meant villi lol. I'm studying for a test in microbio and we have to know all about the mucociliary elevator and such so Celia is stuck in my head. And yes it takes months for villi to grow back. most friends and family don't understand the concept of antibodies so I just say the villi...
  10. Like they said. First, make sure it's not another illness or disease. If not, I totally understand you. This happens to me rarely, but it has happened. When you get glutened your Celia in your small intestine die off. It takes about two weeks for them to grow back fully. I am not a gastroenterologist...
  11. I feel this post so much it's crazy. I can can totally understand the emotional roller coaster. Constantly switching back and forth from being totally motivated and driven to do something, then later that day you're just out of it and depressed with no desire to do anything. ...
  12. You make a good point about being neurotic. I'm slowly getting better. I guess time will tell. But thank you for the insight. As far as roommates go, that's a good idea. I've definitely been thinking about that. But these guys are my best friends and the process of getting a new roommate...
  13. Okay good point. I did not know that about ketosis. Thanks for educating me.
  14. Okay good point. I did not know that about ketosis. Thanks for educating me.