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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. and now its back! The crying came back today - after being ok all weekend, and the diarrhea hasnt stopped. Its at the point where ANYTHING makes me go. Im a bit of a mess, still wondering if its something else....
  3. Im in New Zealand, so Im guessing product ingredients might be a bit different so I was hoping to find out the names of the ingredients...But its mainly my shampoo and make up that im worried about. The main ones I use are "tresemme" shampoo and conditioner, "st ives" face moisturiser, "rimmel" face powder
  4. Ive had a bit of a search but im a bit hopeless with boards like this, i was wondering if someone could point me to where i can find out hidden gluten like in shampoo and lotions etc. Im not sure what Im looking for in the ingredients lists THANKS!
  5. Goodness! I never even thought of that! (i wonder if thats why im having more trouble the last couple of days....im sick of wondering all the time. I think too much!) Im still kind of stressed that it could be something else cos the diarrhea and bloating dont seem to be going away and ive been super careful(though thankfully the heightened depression feelings have settled down and yesterday i had a crying free day woohoo!)
  6. how about symptoms actually being worse a week later? After i posted that i ended up with really bad diarrhea and my stomach has been kind of sore all week when i eat anything (im just worried that it could be something else after i thought i had it sorted and had accepted it)
  7. Hi Im new to all this. Ive had the test and all came back inconclusive. The blood test had a note on it that said i could be in the 2-3% of celiacs that dont have a high level of something. Or i could just be gluten intolerant. Im going to a dietician in 3 weeks (best appointment i could get) but at the moment im going a bit stir crazy! I put myself on gluten free this year because i was fairly sure that was the problem and i was starting to feel great! (a little tired but my stomach felt normal for once) but then last saturday all my symptoms appeared again (rash on elbow, diarrhea, crying, bloating, feeling like acid was being poured through my intestines) Im not sure if i accidentally ingested some gluten - ive been so careful and am pretty sure that i havent, however, if i did - is it normal for my symptoms to still be playing up a week later? (I know the longer youre gluten free usually the more severe your symptoms are if you accidentally ingest it - but i was only gluten free a month.) Or would this indicate another intolerance/problem? Would be awesome if anyone could just let me know if this is kind of normal - though i know hardly any 2 cases seem to be the same! Thanks!
  8. Hi, Im new *waves* I had these too, especially after bread or pasta, i used to get them all the time - Originally i thought it was tonsilitis all the time cos i could see little white things on the back of my throat, but since i had no symptoms of that i asked the doctor and he said it was just food getting stuck - however Ive been on the gluten free thing for a month (really new to this hehe) and I havent had a single one with my new pasta. But I didnt even think about it until i saw this thread! Kind of another thing that makes me think my "food issues" must be gluten...
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