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    Does this look like DH to you?

    Thanks for getting back, Pretty much Bi latteral, both arms, underarms, both thighs, both hands, only bit that isnt is on my stomach, that seems to be on one side. I've noticed I've become pretty grumpy lately, I put this down to poor sleep, but generally feel a bit down, lathargic and not really excited about much. no real other symptoms.
  2. Hi All, New to the forum - I have had eczema all my life and recently havehad the mother of all flare ups, used some aveeno prduct (contains oats) to try and moisturise but seems to have made it worse. On a researching the tinterweb I came accross this link with potential gluten alergies and DH. This flare up is the itchiest thing I have ever known, worse at night, not sleeping and has pretty much made me super miserable. I am off to see the doctor today, but just wanted to get your thoughts. Although I dont know if this is scabies or DH or just bad eczema, the symptoms seem very similar to those written in other post and its good to know I'm not the only one going through this, What do you guys think - Does this look like DH to you?