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  1. Their pizza crust is amazing!!!! I don't care how much it costs...it tastes like real pizza!!! They have awesome stuff.
  2. I just wanted to share with everyone that Pamela's makes a frosting mix now and it tastes like betty crocker! It is soooo good. I have been searching for a frosting that tasted...
  3. I am going to the Red Sox game tonight and want to grab something to eat near Fenway. Anyone know of a safe place to eat????? Thank You!!!
  4. I get Trader Joe's bacon and it is delicious. My husband who is an Oscar Meyers bacon guy says it is really good too.
  5. Does anyone know if the Newman's Own Marinades are gluten free. Their website doesn't even list them on their allergen charts. I don't know if they are a new product or what....
  6. I was wondering if anyone from the Boston area has ever eaten at the Venetian Moon in Reading
  7. I was wondering if anyone ever thought about starting a gluten free catering/gourmet basket business. Everyone gets so excited when they find places that offer GOOD gluten free...
  8. I use Gluten free pantry's all purpose flour mix and it works great.
  9. Just wondering, with Thanksgiving coming soon, what kind of bread does everyone use to make stuffing??I'm looking forward to making a good meal with all of the tips and recipes...
  10. I just made Nestle Toll House cookies with The Gluten Free Pantry's all purpose flour and they are awsome. I just used the exact recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag...
  11. I am looking for a good and easy crab cake recipe. I have found a few that I can make gluten free but I wanted to find one that someone can recommend. Thanks!!
  12. Once again, ask and you shall recieve. Caporale's Liquors in Wakefield, MA now carries Bard's Tale. I printed the request letter on the Bard's Tale website and sent it to them...
  13. I'm going to nantucket next week and although we eat at home a lot on the grill I was wondering if anyone has eaten out anywhere there. I know there are no chains there.
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