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  1. Hello all. I suspect that I am gluten intolerant. I went gluten free last Monday. About two days after that I felt great! However, yesterday I started feeling bad again. Today is even worse. I'm having leg cramps again, bloating (it's like I went up two sizes in two days!), bad cramps, muscle spasms and joint pain. Is it possible to go through gluten withdrawl after feeling better? I've also been very careful with my diet too. I've also been more on edge and angry. I am not an angry person...
  2. Wow, same here with that movie! I always got those two confused. I can recognize people in public usually but I have a hard time with actors. Most look the same to me.
  3. I can't find a lot of information about it. Is it safe? The only store near by is Aldi's. I was going to go there today and get some stuff. I would just like some input on if it's a trustworthy brand. I'm still going to read all the labels before I get anything anyways.
  4. Update: I had my endoscopy last week. Everything came back normal apparently along w/ blood tests. They're sending me a copy of my results. I started the diet yesterday. I am checking my labels on everything and will post updates about my symptoms. So far today I noticed my nausea is a bit better ( did not have to take any ginger root today!) and my headaches were not as bad. I had a few random spikes in energy (surprising) I also noticed this past month that I can't drink coffee, it makes me puke, so I am quitting that too. I used to be an big coffee drinker too. My diet is mainly going to be brown rice, eggs, beans, veggies fruits, (I'm vegetarian but if I feel way better after this diet I might eat chicken and some fish again) I use separate pots, pans and sponges for all my stuff. Is old Tupperware okay? I had a ct scan before the endo and they found a diverticula (cyst like thing) growing off of my small intestine (upper right side) along with tiny little ones. The report said it may be due to prior inflammation. I'm still trying to rule out all other medical possibilities for the way I feel. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I am going to get a copy of my results, I do not know exactly what kind of tests they did. But my bloodwork came back I am vitamin d deficient and they said there was no sign of inflammation, which confuses me because I have this new symptom, its like a hug lump behind my knees, ones bigger than the other. It hurts and it's so ugly its like its swollen or something. I'm still eating gluten till I see the GI Oh cool, I never knew about that! I'm sorry you had to go through that! That's terrible. All I know is things just keep getting worse and I have no answer. Body cramping, my lymph nodes are super tender. Meh the list goes on. Last week I could hardly eat at all. This weeked I finally stuffed my face, then the body cramps got worse. I ate all gluten. I hope you feel better!
  6. I am worried about the cost but I think having that test done would help me rule things out. Either way I need to see a G.I my issues are getting out of control.
  7. Thank you for all the information. I am sorry for the late reply to everyone. I have been feeling worse and worse lately. Got the blood test results, it came back negative. Seeing a G.I specialist in three months (too long for me :/) I've been keeping a food diary and realize I feel worse after eating gluten. After the G.I I want to start the diet. I'm going to call him and see if I can get seen sooner. The bloodwork said theres no signs of inflammation and they don't suspect it to be autoimmune but they want me to do the diet anyway. I wish I had answers because my vision is getting worse, cramping, nerve pain and trips to the bathroom are amplifying. Meh. Also I have a vitamin d deficiency so I am taking d3 2000iu with vitamin b12. Thanks for the help!
  8. Thank you for the input. Luckily my Doctor is finally seeing me next week. I called and requested blood work but she wants to know more about my symptoms before she orders it. Hopefully she listens to me and doesn't say its all just from my anxiety (countless doctors told me this)
  9. Hello everyone! I am new here. I went to urgent care for nerve pain last week (hands and feet going numb, tingling, burning etc) My doctor did not want to see me and told me to go to urgent care. I thought the pain was caused from my back because I have a ton of back problems. Anyway, at urgent care the doctor asked if I have celiac disease. I said "No but my grandma does." she straight up said "you have it." no tests nothing, but she has it and said my symptoms reflect the disease. Anyways it makes sense to me and I think I might have it. I have a lot of symptoms and I would like others input. Here is a list: I am a 24 year old female. I am average weight and height. Migranes every day since I was 14. I had to get a cat scan after I fainted in class. They found nothing and put me on meds that didn't work. When I was 15 I had anemia. At 16 I was vitamin D deficient. I got blood work done a few months ago and no longer have anemia After that I had terrible anxiety and depression. Put me on meds that didn't work. Back problems for no reason (started when I was 18) herniated disk, multiple bulging disks, my disks are loosing fluid, scoliosis, Stomach problems, 2 years ago I started to feel nauseous every day, worse in the morning, I'd dry heave every morning or puke. Some days I'd puke up bile. This is still going on. They ran tests on my liver (high liver enzymes and fatty liver) and a gallbladder test, came back normal. I go poop 5-10 times a day. The stool is always loose. Once in awhile it is solid. Sometimes I go so much, when I wipe I start to bleed and it is painful. I have 3 breaks at work, I go before my break and right before it ends. Its embarrassing. So some days I go number two at work 6 times in one day! I always feel like I am on my period, I have skinny days where I can wear a size 9 but somedays for no reason I swell up and my size 11 pants are tight and hurt because my pelvic area is tender. I had an ultrasound, they found one cyst. A few months back I lost 15 pounds in two weeks, I could barely eat I felt so sick all the time. Then a few months later I gained 20 pounds in two weeks. I till wasn't eating. I went up multiple sizes and it just hurt. I never have an appetite. I started to get a random rash, my scalp itched, my knees and my elbows. It went away it was just weird. It lasted about a month and my doc said it was ecsema. Now I can't loose the weight. I am vegetarian, tried working out but can't loose anything. (by working out I mean walking. I literally don't have energy to do anything else) I get puffy eyes. Bad allergies, and sinus pressure every day of my life. On allergy meds that kinda help. I noticed a lot of these symptoms get worse after I eat gluten. I just started keeping track after the doctor mentioned this. I also have just been getting nerve pain, my arms and legs cramp up, my feet cramp up and get stuck, my hands and feet go numb, tingle, and BURN. I am tired all day every day even if I sleep 10 plus hours. Everyday I feel like I lifted weights and did full body work outs and everyday I feel hungover even though I did not drink any alcohol. I get tired from folding laundry and can barely function. All I want to do is lay in bed. Some days I drink 5 cups of coffee and an energy drink and I'm still tired. I also have brain fog and bad memory problems lately. I am messing up at work with the way I feel. I literally feel like my body is telling me something wrong. Sometimes my body aches so much I think I have fibro or (cancer) thats really how bad I feel. One day after my legs were cramping all day I had weird red patches all over my legs. I was freaked out. Any input would be great. Of course having celiac would suck but I feel so bad every day an answer to my problems would be amazing. I can't keep living like this. I noticed after I eat gluten, about an hour after, I feel depressed for no reason. Sometimes I cramp up and my stomach is tender. I don't know what to do.