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  1. Hello all. I suspect that I am gluten intolerant. I went gluten free last Monday. About two days after that I felt great! However, yesterday I started feeling bad again. Today is even worse. I'm having leg cramps again, bloating (it's like I went up two sizes in two days!), bad cramps, muscle...
  2. Wow, same here with that movie! I always got those two confused. I can recognize people in public usually but I have a hard time with actors. Most look the same to me.
  3. I can't find a lot of information about it. Is it safe? The only store near by is Aldi's. I was going to go there today and get some stuff. I would just like some input on if it's a trustworthy brand. I'm still going to read all the labels before I get anything anyways.
  4. Update: I had my endoscopy last week. Everything came back normal apparently along w/ blood tests. They're sending me a copy of my results. I started the diet yesterday. I am checking my labels on everything and will post updates about my symptoms. So far today I noticed my nausea is a bit better...
  5. Thanks! I am going to get a copy of my results, I do not know exactly what kind of tests they did. But my bloodwork came back I am vitamin d deficient and they said there was no sign of inflammation, which confuses me because I have this new symptom, its like a hug lump behind my knees, ones bigger...
  6. I am worried about the cost but I think having that test done would help me rule things out. Either way I need to see a G.I my issues are getting out of control.
  7. Thank you for all the information. I am sorry for the late reply to everyone. I have been feeling worse and worse lately. Got the blood test results, it came back negative. Seeing a G.I specialist in three months (too long for me :/) I've been keeping a food diary and realize I feel worse after eating...
  8. Thank you for the input. Luckily my Doctor is finally seeing me next week. I called and requested blood work but she wants to know more about my symptoms before she orders it. Hopefully she listens to me and doesn't say its all just from my anxiety (countless doctors told me this)
  9. Hello everyone! I am new here. I went to urgent care for nerve pain last week (hands and feet going numb, tingling, burning etc) My doctor did not want to see me and told me to go to urgent care. I thought the pain was caused from my back because I have a ton of back problems. Anyway, at urgent care...