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  1. odai

    I am lost what should i do

    thank you very much I eat wheat every day And i hope that not dh or celiac until no think I will updata any chang ???
  2. odai

    I am lost what should i do

    Thnx you for re I was free of any digestive or skin problems and even my skin problems were intermittent over a long period of time Food here is about 90 percent wheat is almost impossible to persuade my family to give up wheat Maybe I have to wait to see what can happen I'm confused, I do not know what I should do
  3. Hello all At first I apologized for my bad English My story is long since more than two years At first I dealt with high levels of stress I was very nervous and I knew that something bad would happen After two months after a period of immortality to sleep I woke up to feel the desire to itche in the abdomen to find a pumb think or allergies tried to know the cause without finding any contrary to the sensitivity or tablet of the pill continued pill more than 3 days to go and left a slightly darker effect of the skin But a few days later the same pumbs appeared in different areas but were few One under the right armpit and another on the left armpit the pumb is in the left elbow and the other on the right pumb was on the right and left foot too I cried out, and asked my self, What is this thing? My parents told me he was probably hives I went all the pills after almost 6 days and after a long period of more than 6 months when I wash my hands after a short period began to notice very small heights on the finger was not burned at all, unlike the first appeared I thought maybe the hand lotion was the reason, and a week later I went and was no longer there A month ago I noticed a red area I knew every time something strange happened I could not imagine the stuff there was anything The red area was on the finger and remained red for a week and left a slightly darker area A month later I noticed on the back of the pumb on hand that I thought the hair was the reason, but it lasted a week to go too I do not know very much how I can be sure this may be dh or maybe something else Three months went by without any skin or even intestinal problems I live in Syria almost impossible to get a blood test or even a biopsy of the skin Even if there was a ability to get a biopsy I did not get the rash again It looks like a dh I can say with confidence that the pills at first differ greatly from the last time