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  1. Thank you for suggestions! I am taking a probiotic but so far it isn’t doing me any good.
  2. Thank you, I will look into this!
  3. Ive been to both my GI and my family dr. I’ve had a scope and upper GI. Doctor said I need to give it time, tests didn’t show anything other than the damaged villi from celiac. Family doctor sent me to a nutritionist. I do have an appt at the end of the month for a 2nd opinion @ Cleveland clinic.
  4. Hoping someone out there has some pointers on how to deal with extreme bloating. I have had celiac for years now but after a recent exposure I can’t seem to get rid of the bloating. All other symptoms are gone and it’s been a few months now. As soon as I eat, I balloon up, I know it takes time for the gut to heal but anything I can do in the meantime? I’m so uncomfortable!
  5. Thank you, I am researching that now. I’m wondering if I am a non responsive celiac. Something to definitely discuss with my GI doctor.
  6. Thank you, that’s a good suggestion. I have appointments with all 3 of my doctors in the next two weeks.
  7. My hemoglobin was 6 at time of blood transfusion, iron saturation was 4% and ferritin was 3, iron 18. I am still receiving iron infusions via outpatient, hemoglobin is on the rise since receiving the blood but hemotolgist said the cells are still small. I did go back to my primary care doctor. He is not much help as far as celiac knowledge goes and refered me back to my GI. I have an appt in 2 weeks with him but did put a call in yesterday about the rapid weight gain and am waiting his reply. I am 44, and I also realize that a tummy and a different metabolism is part of aging. However 9 lbs in that short of a time, just doesn’t seem right all things considered.
  8. I thought I was totally gluten-free. Wasn’t having any of my “normal” celiac symptoms. Just the bloating, so I went into my docs to find out what it was. The bloating was so bad by the end of the night I looked 9 mos pregnant. The doctor reviewed my blood work and sent me straight to the hospital for a pint of blood and 3 iron infusions. They did a cat scan which didn’t show anything. After three days, I went home. My antibodies were highly elevated so my GI did another endoscopy. He said I’m getting exposure somewhere, intestine not in good shape. I’ve replaced appliances since that’s the only thing I can think of that could’ve been the issue. I am extremely cautious with all I put in my mouth now. I am still getting iron IVS, but the bloating is worse than ever and now I’m gaining weight. None of my doctors seem to care about the bloating, they are more concerned with the severe anemia. I’m trying to find a nutritionist in my area but haven’t really found one that specializes in celiac. I’m not a large person, typically weigh around 125-130 and I’m 5’6 but since I got out of the hospital I’ve gained almost 9 lbs and I’m eating approx 1400 calories a day. My stomach is almost flat in the morning and looks 9 mos pregnant by nighttime so it’s definitely not normal . I know some weight gain can be normal but I’ve been diagnosed with this disease for 16 yrs and always maintained my weight. So I don’t understand what is happening right now. I’ve had zero symptoms of exposure aside from this bloating.
  9. Diagnosed for years, recent unknown exposure put me in the hospital. This time around, instead of bathroom issues, I’m just extremely bloated and retaining lots of water (8lbs in 3 days, don’t eat nearly enough for it to be real weight) How long until this goes away and is there anything I can do to help heal so this awful bloat goes away? Help!