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  1. Thank you!! I didn’t think to make a journal!!! Omg I tried sooo hard with sign language. He was so sick he would just look at me like in a daze. I guess this is what “brain fog” means. He would do it sometimes even though I did it so much. I did stop though. I’m sure he will pick it up n...
  2. Thanks guys. We just started introducing dairy back into his diet. I literally have kept him in a “bubble” at my house and for the most part, been making homemade, organic gluten-free meals. Since it was his birthday, and had a recommendation from someone who has a gluten intolerance, I thought I w...
  3. My son turned 2 a few days ago. Since his Bday he has been acting ornery and today his stomach is distended again but not nearly as bad from before. He has been fussy all day and more tired. He still is playing with his cars and smiling but he is fussy. He used to hit his head and run into things...
  4. Thank you guys!! I appreciate the replies. Glad there is something out there for my son and I to ask questions and help. I have a long road ahead with my son but a positive one! I have to.
  5. I’m already crying as I type this. I found out my 20 month old son has Celiacs a day before I gave birth to his little sister 2 months ago. The poor kid was so bad, he went down to 19 lbs, HUGE distended stomach, ribs showing and absolutely nothing on his bones. No diaper or pants held up. My p...