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  1. I had pain that bad after going on a gluten binge one weekend. This was after being gluten free for a while and feeling better. I though I might be able to have gluten once in a while (yeah right!). The pain was so bad I couldn't walk. I have been though unmedicated labor twice and it was almost...
  2. No one in my family has ever been diagnosed as having Celiac or gluten intolerance, but quite a few people have had "stomach problems" their whole lives. My mom gets bloated after eating too much bread and has occational "IBS symptoms". And she said her mom had stomach problems her whole life....
  3. Ok this is kind of gross but since we are talking about stools....mine usually didn't float, but they did sink and stick to the bottom of the toilet. It was really gross because I had to constantly clean the toilet. After going gluten-free, they are normal most of the time. btw, I have never been...
  4. We love these vitamins. They taste just like gummy bears! My son begs for them. I have to keep them up really high so he can't get to them. It is tempting to eat more than two. How many can adults have?
  5. thanks, You guys are right. I need to call his doctor soon. I asked my doctor if I should get my kids tested and he said to wait to see what my results are first. My mom said that I should just put them both on a gluten-free diet to see if it helps them at all. DD doesn't really have any symptoms...
  6. Thanks everyone! He was in the 25% for weight for a while, but now he has dropped down to the 5%. His doctor wanted me to come back in a couple of months (at his last appt.) to see if his weight has gone up at all. I didn't bring up the wheat intolerance because I didn't even think of it then...
  7. I am new to this board, but I have been lurking for about a week or so. I am getting tested for wheat intolerance because of all the stomach/intestinal problems (plus a bunch of other symptoms) I have been having. I was wondering about the symptoms for wheat intolerance/Celiac disease in toddlers...