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  1. I was in Milan recently and am currently in Venice, and both cities have been amazing in accommodating my gluten free diet. While I was in Milan, many restaurants provided me with gluten free pasta and several places served gluten free crackers in place of bread. In Venice, the places I have been so far have all been great too. But, my hotel is a Celiac's dream! It's the Hotel Cipriani on the Giudecca. They have made their own gluten free rolls, which are absolutely delicious and taste real! Also, I've had gluten free pasta, bruschetta, and I hear they have pizza too! They also can make all of their menu items gluten free. I've heard that one of the chefs has gluten intolerance, which is why they know so much!
  2. I've found that when I go to Outback I need to avoid their salads as I always end up finding a crumb or crumbs from croutons in it. I was told that they keep each salad ingredient in a bin and that the bins can get cross contaminated easily. Also, I always ask for everything without butter and seasoning because I've heard that not all of the butter at their restaurant is gluten free.
  3. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of some tooth whitening kits or whitening toothpastes that are gluten free? Thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows if the generic brand PLIVA of azithromycin is gluten free? Please let me know. Thank you
  5. Eating at the Outback can definitely be risky if you are not careful. I never order a salad there as it always has crouton crumbs in it. They keep all of the ingredients in seperate bins that are right next to one another so it is very easy for the ingredients to get mixed. Also, the butter that they use on the vegetables is a butterball and contains seasonings that contain gluten. And even though they state that the sweet potato with brown sugar is gluten free, a loaf of their bread is kept in the brown sugar jar to prevent it from getting too hard. So, if you eat there just make sure to watch out/avoid these things.
  6. I contacted Starbucks and received an e-mail stating that the, "Marshmallow Squares DO contain Gluten."
  7. For those of you that don't know pinkberry is a Los Angeles chain that sells different types of frozen yogurt (sort of like a tasti-d-lite). Recently, one just opened up in New York and I'm wondering if any of their products are gluten free. They don't have a website, so I'm unsure of how to contact the company. Does anyone know the gluten free status of their products? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm going to be spending quite some time in London soon and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some gluten free restaurants or restaurants that have a gluten free menu or restaurants that serve gluten free products or just restaurants that are very accomodating?? Also, where are the best places to shop for gluten free products? Thanks.
  9. My favorite is the navy bean white bread from Celiac Specialties. Celiac Specialties is based in Michigan, but you can order from there website. Kinnikinnick white bread is OK when toasted. Otherwise, as someone said above...it tastes like a sponge. Whole Foods bread is alright. It's fairly thick and is about 500 calories for 2 small slices. I believe it is rice based.
  10. When I contacted Starbucks recently they said, "All Starbucks beverages are gluten free with the EXCEPTION of Frappucinos that contain Java Chips, Vanilla Powder and/or Malt Powder." I'm not positive about the bottled drinks but I believe the Starbucks brand ones that they sell are gluten free. As far as the peppermint mocha making you sick, perhaps it contains one of the above ingredients? I hope I answered your question.
  11. Hi Everyone, I want to make everyone aware of the new updated response from Tasti D-Lite. In the past when I had contacted the company, I was told that any flavor that did not obviously list a glutenous ingredient was safe for us with Celiac Disease to eat. I recently received a new message from Tasti D-Lite that states, "we are conducting further research to confirm that none of our other flavors contain gluten." This doesn't mean that they are actually not gluten free, it just means that as of now they cannot guarantee that their products are indeed gluten free. The flavors that they told me CONTAIN gluten are: Cinnamon Crunch, Coconut Cookies, Coffee Crunch, Cookies n Cream, Graham Cracker, Honey Nut Os, Oreo Chocolate Mint, Oreos n Cream, Oreos n Peanut Butter, and Smores. Although it is obvious that we need to avoid these flavors. I'll keep you updated when/if I hear more information concerning the possibility of their gluten free flavors.
  12. The last time I checked with the company, they were gluten free. They said that as long as they did not specifically list wheat, rye, barley, and/or oats on the label that they were fine.
  13. A few weeks ago I ordered a birthday cake from them. However, it came completely melted. I called them and told them this and they were yelling at me telling me that it took them 3 days to make. When I asked them if they could make another one they hung up on me. I've tried some of their products at gluten-free vendor fairs and it's been pretty good but after ordering from them once I don't believe I will ever do it again.
  14. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to let you all know about a recent experience I had with Everybody Eats, Inc (http://www.everybodyeats-inc.com/). They are a company that sells gluten free pizzas, bread, cakes, etc. in Brooklyn, NY. About 2 weeks ago, I ordered a birthday cake from them. It seemed ridiculously expensive, $50 for a 6 inch cake, but the cakes looked beautiful so I thought it would be worth it. They told me when I placed my order that I wouldn't be able to have buttercream because it couldn't ship in the heat, but that I could have whipped cream instead. I didn't really think that made sense but they said that the cake would be frozen solid and it would arrive at my house the day before the party. I called them in the beginning of the week of the party to confirm all the details. They assured me everything would be fine. The day that I was supposed to receive the cake, they said that their freezers weren't working properly due to the extreme heat (there wasn't any extreme heat by the way). But, they told me that it would arrive early the next day. It didn't end up arriving until 11:30 on the day of the party. When I opened up the case it was sent in overnight to me the cake was MELTED into liquid and completely squashed by the poor packaging they had decided to use. All they had placed in the box was a cool pack. I called them up to complain and they were YELLING at me saying that it took them 3 days to make the cake. They were acting like it was my fault. They should have told me they were not capable of sending a cake. And then when I told them that they hung up on me. So, just in case anyone was thinking of ordering their overpriced food, I would think again. They obviously have no idea how to properly package food and they are obnoxious business people!
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