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  1. I was told the same things. I actually had a GI doc do the endoscopy on me after my gallbladder was removed because I was having so many problems and I specifically told him to check for celiac while he was in there and lo and behold "he forgot". He even "forgot" I had my gallbladder removed. ...
  2. Before they removed my gallbladder, the attacks felt like I was having a heart attack. They usually hit in the middle of the night. I will never forget all the pain. It was the most horrible thing i have ever felt. When I have the sharp pains now it is very sensitive in that area to touch. It...
  3. Oh boy. So things that have gluten like that can affect you even though it's not entering your body? I was thinking only stuff you ate or things like lotions or makeup that stays on your skin for a period of time, or things you mix with your saliva (like envelopes) were the only hazzards. And...
  4. Thanks so much for the advice. I am going to hang in with the diet. I know I don't have a choice now. I hate to say "I'm glad I'm not alone" because i don't wish this on ANY one but it is so nice to know I'm not imagining what I am feeling and that so many others are experiencing this and that...
  5. Did any of you first notice you had a problem with celiac right after gallbladder removal? I had my gallbladder removed Sept of last year and that is when all my problems really began. I had a huge gallstone to get stuck in the duct and they had to remove the gallbladder. I didn't have a choice...