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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Still New To This...have Dh Questions....

    Thanks for the advice. I'm one of those squemish types too! But not knowing for sure is aggrevating. It sure would answer alot if I went and had a biopsy done. I would be alot closer to knowing if I had celiac or not. I was alot like you regarding the reaction to the creams. Everything they gave me to use made me itch really bad and the bumps would swell and it made my skin so dry it cracked all over. Maybe it won't cost too much and I can just get it done w/o insurance. (I'm doing temp jobs now because I lost my other job because of all the sickness. That's why I don't have the insurance now.) But I'm glad your biopsy went well. I hope you receive good news!
  2. My skin problems sounds a little different than everyone else but in a lot of ways the same. For starters, ever since I was born, I have had a million miniature "pimple" looking bumps ALL over my entire body. They NEVER disappear. Growing up the docs always said they thought it was eczema. One doc thought every single pore in my body was clogged (I don't know if I believe that one). The only time the bumps would give me problems was if I started to sweat, they would itch really bad and become red. It doesn't look like other pictures I've seen of eczema. Now fast forward to adulthood......I have been gluten free for about 2.5 months (lots of contamination during that time too - I'm trying ). I notice that after I've eaten something with gluten, on my inner arm at the elbow, I get a bunch of red dots. They don't really itch much at all and they are only a little raised. I also break out like crazy on the face. There I get what looks like big pimples but they don't go away for a couple weeks and they hurt when popped. They are mostly filled with what looks like water. But they don't itch either. (I get them in my scalp some too.) And I get red bumps on my chest and belly. These look different than the bumps I've lived with my whole life but they don't really look much like blisters. I don't have insurance right now so I have to see how much a skin biopsy will cost but in the meantime, I thought I would check here and see if this sounds like DH. Can you get a flare up by eating gluten or is it only when you use lotions, etc? I haven't officially been diagnosed with celiac so I thought this would be an easier way to tell. What do they do to take the biopsy? Knives involved?? eewww!
  3. Brain Fog

    I have the brain fog alot. When I get it, my eyes go a little blurry and what I am thinking I want to say and what I actually say are completely different. I get tongue tied and I suddenly forget what I was saying in the first place. I forget how to do some of the simplest things. I was always smart and learned new things very quickly and never had trouble speaking but now it's like someone hit me with the stupid stick. It is very frustrating. I sound like I don't have a smart bone in my body anymore. I'm afraid the brain fog will cause problems at my job because even though I have notes on how to do everything, I get so confused and when I look at my notes, I swear it looks like greek to me. My friends (what I have left of 'em! ) are a little confused themselves because they knew me to be smarter and to have a good memory. Not anymore...I forget what I did yesterday!
  4. I was told the same things. I actually had a GI doc do the endoscopy on me after my gallbladder was removed because I was having so many problems and I specifically told him to check for celiac while he was in there and lo and behold "he forgot". He even "forgot" I had my gallbladder removed. That's when I knew I had the wrong doctor. And they call us crazy! I was so tired and hurting from all the testing that I never went back to have it redone. So the only diagnosis I got was severe acid reflux, inflammed stomach lining and intestines, IBS, and the dreaded really bad case of hemorrhoids. I can't believe I just told that to the world! Oh well, I'm SURE I'm not the only one with that problem!!!! Anyone have relief advice for that one?? heehee! I'm having a very hard time being at work all day myself. I'm afraid I'll lose my new job because I am always sick and hurting. Gavinsdaddy, do you get sharp knife like pains in the area of your surgery? I think in my case jaten may be right about the nerve damage....makes sense.
  5. I feel the same way you do. I guess you can say I'm a hard headed girl! Also, a family member of mine died from intestinal cancer so hopefully I will be scared straight soon too.
  6. Before they removed my gallbladder, the attacks felt like I was having a heart attack. They usually hit in the middle of the night. I will never forget all the pain. It was the most horrible thing i have ever felt. When I have the sharp pains now it is very sensitive in that area to touch. It's right where the 3 small incisions are. Actually it hurts to even brush the skin softly in that area. I can't lean on anything either and if anything even touches my belly in that area it triggers the pains. What has me guessing is the docs can't figure out what is causing it. They have tested my so many times and just gave up cause they don't know what it is from. That's why I was wondering if it's coming from damaged villi? Since I'm new to the diet maybe the pains are from damage that hasn't healed yet? I don't have any insurance right now since I quit my job and the new job has a probation period so I'm a little stuck right now. I don't hurt right now so maybe it has to do with eating the gluten the other night. I finally got most of the blocked bowel out of my system too so maybe that was part of the problem too.
  7. Vision

    I have had alot of problems with my vision too. (Boy, after you've read all my recent posts you'd think I was a serious mess! ) I have problems with blurry and cloudy vision and also peripheral problems. I have been running into things that I swear was further away than it really was. I grew up having numerous migranes too. My eyesight is getting worse it seems but then again I have only been on the diet 2 months so I guess my eyes haven't had time to straighten out yet. (Plus I have been contaminated alot of times in the 2 months too.) Good luck to you!
  8. Oh boy. So things that have gluten like that can affect you even though it's not entering your body? I was thinking only stuff you ate or things like lotions or makeup that stays on your skin for a period of time, or things you mix with your saliva (like envelopes) were the only hazzards. And the learning continues...... This is getting tougher by the minute!!
  9. I'm glad I read this because I was wondering about the gluten/acid reflux thing too. I was bad last night and ate a fast food meal to test myself (....BAD I know! ) and I ended up with the heartburn pains and reflux, etc. just to name a few. Well, I guess that explains that part!!
  10. Thanks so much for the advice. I am going to hang in with the diet. I know I don't have a choice now. I hate to say "I'm glad I'm not alone" because i don't wish this on ANY one but it is so nice to know I'm not imagining what I am feeling and that so many others are experiencing this and that I have a place to go to talk. My job is in accounting at a company that works out of an old building so there is no telling what I could be contaminating myself with (forgive the bad spelling--brain fog!! ) I have to still learn what else has gluten in it besides food too. Like shampoos etc. but I guess it just takes some time. My doc did run another ultrasound to see if more stones formed but they didn't find any. They did a cat scan to make sure nothing was damaged during the surgery and all looked okay. I have had a problem with blockages in the large intestine and they told me the bowel seems to get "hung up" right around the surgery sight. Maybe that is part of the pains. I will definitely get some fiber supplements (I KNOW I need that) and I'll try going low fat again (which I was on when I had the surgery). I will stop the dairy....oh so hard........and see what happens. Since BM trouble is involved those seem to be the best remedies. What are probiotics? I feel I have had celiac my whole life too because growing up, I had alot of trouble with the symptoms they say children with celiac have. I'm going to a seminar next weekend where a doc that specializes in celiac disease is giving at a local hospital so maybe I'll gain more insight there too. And one last question for the women.......when my time of the month hits, I am in so much agony, almost like getting gluttened. Does that happen to you too? What is a good remedy to help with that? Thanks again for the help. You all are the best!!!!
  11. Did any of you first notice you had a problem with celiac right after gallbladder removal? I had my gallbladder removed Sept of last year and that is when all my problems really began. I had a huge gallstone to get stuck in the duct and they had to remove the gallbladder. I didn't have a choice at that point. The doc told me I could die if they didn't do the surgery. Well, after the surgery I have been miserable. They ran every test imaginable and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I researched several things including celiac disease and decided to try the diet on my own. It was a huge improvement for the first month but once I started my new less stressful job the pains and brain fogs came back. My pains feel like someone is stabbing me right at the area where the laporoscopy was done (the gallbladder area). Is that about the same area celiac pains are located? It's always in the same spot and I wasn't sure if that is how celiac disease is or if I have something else wrong. I have been gluten free for about 2 months now (trying to but I'm afraid I get contamination alot because I'm still learning). I did go off the diet last night just to test myself to see if it was just coincidence that the diet first helped me or if I stopped hurting only because I quit my stressful job and I paid the price. I guess I need to stop second guessing my self and accept the fact that I can't eat gluten. I stupidly ate a fast food meal just to test myself and all day today the pain (in the gallbladder area) has been unreal, my vision has been very blurry, my whole body aches and itches like crazy (i think I have the DH possibly), and the brain fog is horrible. I can't hardly get words out of my mouth without it sounding all jumbled. I have been having diahrea and constipation alternately too. I just want opinions to see if this is "normal" celiac problems or if this is all just related to my gallbladder removal. I know abdominal surg can trigger celiac symptoms. If any of you noticed your celiac symptoms after gallbladder removal, how was it like for you the first year after surg?
  12. Celiac And Ibs

    Here's where I'm at today: I just found a new job (had to quit the old one because of the stress). I have been on the gluten free diet for about 2 months. I was out of work for about 1 month between the two jobs. During that month is when I started the diet. I felt really good and all the pain disappeared. I started the new job and the first week wasn't too bad as far as the IBS and pains etc with the celiac. I'm now into my 4th week at the job and all of a sudden (diet remaining the same), I have the "dumping syndrome" EVERY day right after lunch. I get the massive intestinal cramps and have to run sooo fast to the bathroom in order to make it in time. I could eat just a small amount of something, one or two bites (gluten free of course) and it still happens. And I'm not just talking running to the bathroom once, nooo I have to run 5, yes FIVE times before everything works it's way to being calm again. For one thing I don't eat that much so where is it all coming from?? I hate to be one of those graphic people but this is the only way I know how to seek help! It is becoming very embarrassing because the bathroom is right next to the receptionists desk and she sees me running to it 5 or 6 times every day after lunch. I only get 30 min lunches so I try to eat right when I clock out so I have time to let nature have it's way but I'm not that lucky. It doesn't start until about 30-45 minutes after I ate. I take NuLev to help with the cramping but what in the world can I do to stop the sudden dumping syndrome? Any advice? I tried to just skip eating altogether but I get so weak and I feel so out of it if I don't have something. I tried just snacking but it has the same effect. I'm okay when I'm at home but everytime I go to work or shopping, it never fails. Food just goes right through me faster than I can eat it!! It is getting obnoxious and aggrevating. I know several people can't work because of the problems celiac disease causes but I can't afford to be one of those people. I have bills to pay and no outside help. So how can I get the IBS part under control so I can live and work? Sorry this is so long but I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give!
  13. Support Groups In Charlotte, Nc?

    That's a good idea. I haven't met anyone around here that have our problem (mainly because I'm still trying to figure out how to contol it and am too wound up in that!) but I'm sure they're out there. I think it's just nice to actually meet someone in person that knows what I'm going through. I don't know how the PM thing works on this website but when I figure it out, I'll send you my email address and when you move here I could email you to help you learn your way around. Do you know people here?
  14. Support Groups In Charlotte, Nc?

    I haven't found any support groups here in Charlotte but I did want to let you guys know (in case someone from Charlotte reads this) that I found a really good health food store called Home Economist in Davidson, NC. They also have two more stores in Charlotte too. They are a very large health food grocery store and they have TONS of gluten free stuff. Super store!!! Just wanted to let you know!
  15. Quick Fix (nulev) Does It Really Work?

    I was prescribed nulev and pamine forte by my GI doc when he thought my only problem was IBS. I took pamine forte every day to relieve IBS symptoms and it worked for a while but then the side effects became worse than the IBS symptoms themselves (especially mental effects - like confusion, disoriented, depressed, etc.) so he prescribed NuLev. At first before I even knew about celiac disease, the nulev seemed to only help at times to relieve the massive intestinal cramping I had. So I stopped taking it for a while. Since I went gluten free (about a month ago), I started using the nulev again. I only use it when I have the massive intestinal cramping right before a BM. The pains become so nausiatingly (spelled wrong! ) intense (like someone was ripping my insides out) that right in the middle of the spell I would put the nulev under my tongue and usually within seconds the cramping lightened up alot. I think the reason the nulev didn't work as good before was because of me taking the pamine forte. But once I got that RX out of my system, I think the nulev was able to go to work. Nulev is quite expensive where I live but I have to have it every where I go now! Like that saying "don't leave home without it!"