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  1. Thank you! I am considering cutting out the dairy and eggs and seeing is it helps. We didn’t check vitamin A but that may be a good next step.
  2. I am still doing Keto and am down 20 lbs! I limit my carbs and I do t mess with sugar.
  3. Also (and this is way TMI) I get the hives on my anus or butt cheeks.
  4. Hi thank you! This was a skin biopsy one of the “hive” and one right beside it of skin with no hive. They seem symmetrical on my legs or arms. When it happened to my ears it was both ears. Occasionally I will just get a random patch. Currently fighting one on my face. They did not do celiac blo...
  5. Thank you Matt! Those were some kind words. Let me take it all the way back. I am currently 35, at 26 I had my third baby. During that pregnancy I started to develop this rash on my legs. Specifically behind my knees. It was the itching that would wake you from a dead sleep. My family doctor...
  6. Going on 9 years if this horrible rash. I have had doctors tell me everything from bed bugs, scabies, allergies, STRESS, and more. I have attache 2 photos, although typically I get them in clusters. I started a gluten free diet January 1 and slowly reintroduced cheese. When the rash started to...