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  1. We are on day 6 of a gluten free challenge to diagnose an obvious case of inherited celiacs from my newly diagnosed DH. Yesterday my 20 month old had his first solid poo in his life. We sat there and stared at it with excitement! Of course this morning it was mushy again, but we have hope moving forward during this time of healing. I planned to breastfeed to the full recommendation of 24 months old and then wean (I, too, am now strictly gluten-free to not pass any on to him). My question is: does anyone know if breastmilk can help speed healing? Is there a typical amount of time that toddler healing takes? I’m willing to continue nursing through the entire healing process beyond 24 months old if it helps. However, I’m terrified of doubling the risk of his being “gluttened” by him being exposed to my diet too. Balancing act. BUT the benefits may outweigh the risks - and if they do I’ll keep breastfeeding the toddler for the foreseeable future. If they don’t then I need to sit back and analyze the best approach for best healing.