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  1. Thanks for the replies. On a daily basis I have coffee, the creamer says "gluten free". I have some bacon, which doesnt have any ingredients on the no no list I found on this site. I get smoothies from tropical smoothie, or I make my own. I emailed tropical smoothie for alist of ingredients and the ones I get they said are gluten free, and from the ingredients they appear to be correct. I eat vegetables I cook myself, hamburgers I make myself, rice, potato chips sometimes. I read the ingredients on everything. I stick to it. If we eat out I go to outback b/c they have a gluten free menu. I also eat fruits. sometimes I also get corn tortillas and make tacos, and have vegetable beef soup I make that is water based w/ just meat and veggies in it, I also cook steaks and check the meat ingredients. That's the extent of my diet, which over the past year has become pretty boring. Cokes seem to bother me a lot whereas they did not before, I cant figure that out, but I eliminate them. It helps some but not completely. My assumption was that my stomach was reacting from a small amount of gluten I was getting and "freaking out" b/c I went cold turkey so a little bothered me a lot. But then I did some research for the other problem and it said that problems w/ your stools like that are a sign of malabsorption. And if my intestines are supposed to be healing themselves, why is that getting worse? I have not changed any toiletries, never thought of that.
  2. help please. I hvae been gluten free for 1 year since my diagnosis last december. the first week i started gluten free diet, i was ok for a month. it was great. then all of a sudden i started having bad problems. my stomach has been bloated straight since may! even when i was eating pizza nightly it wasnt bloated for this long w/ no rest. i also have diarrhea on a daily basis and fatty stools. I feel sick and get sick often. I on occasion think I get glutened by something that i didnt know had it in it. but i have not had bread in 1 year, and i avoid it at all costs. is there hope?
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. I will continue on my quest to stay 100% gluten free. I dont eat milk because my allergist said I'm allergic to milk and mold products. I didnt know that about soy though. I dont eat soy much but on occasion and have been lately so I will try that route and eliminate it. Thanks again to those who replied. abby
  4. I saw a DR. back in October. He did a blood test on me and it was positive, so he also checked my small intestines and confirmed my diagnosis of Celiac Disease. I went on a gluten free diet using resources and this site. It was GREAT for the first month or so. The day I went off gluten I noticed an immediate change. But since, I have had problems with my stomach bloating. (that was my major symptom). My stomach has beel bloated w/ out rest for 3 months straight now. I didnt even have it this bad when I ate gluen. The only thing I can think is that my healing intestines are having a large reaction if I come in contact with a small amount of gluten. I cook all of my food when I can. I travel for work and I am very picky about where and what I eat, but I realize sometimes theres the possibility of crosscontamination. But even w/ a miniscule amount of cross contamination, should I be feeling this way. It is really interfering with my daily life! Thanks for the help
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