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  1. Thanks Tiffany, I should not have been dispensing medical advice except to my own family
  2. Yes, I have had a lot of problems with antibiotics. Be sure to take it after you have a meal no matter what the instructions say. Try Cipro. why are you taking an antibiotic?
  3. banana smushed up with some ice cream - not sure where you are but here in the south we do Blue Bell Ice Cream. BUT, on second thought with the post nasal drip it could be dairy & really that is probably it, very common - in my family at least. So you might go with applesauce, you could thin...
  4. I forgot to add that I am so sorry your college buddies are acting like that, ignorance is no excuse but those girls have no clue about anything I am sure. But you know they will look back on this time & regret it, wait a few years till they have gone thru childbirth & have sick kids &...
  5. how about trying a soak in the tub or a warm shower to see if that helps anything in your throat relax?
  6. Some of us have a swallowing problem that crops up from time to time. I forget what it is caused from, sorry, there was a huge thread on this topic on brain talk & they are not up & running yet after their hardware crash. Mine has not happened in a long time, I have been gluten-free 2 years...