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  1. Hello, I have been gluten-free for 3 years, and expreiencing some acid reflux for the past few months. At the upper endoscopy this week, the doctor found visual evidence of Barrett's esophagus (which must still be verified w/ biopsy). I'm feeling frightened and a bit surprised. Anyone else w/ experience with this condition? Thanks Dinah
  2. Hello, I was dx with celiac 3 years ago, and have done well on the diet. However, I suddenly have developed reflux symptoms, seemingly out of the blue. I have read that GERD often goes with celiac, but has anyone ever developed it fairly suddenly? Thanks, Dinah
  3. I suspect that I may have GERD or LPR, but am unsure as to whether to see my GI doc or the ENT doc for treatment and diagnosis. Anyone have exeperience with this? Thanks!
  4. Does anyone know of a good gluten-free cinnamon or cinnamon raisin bread? Thanks! Dinah
  5. Hello, I suspect my 18 month old son may be showing signs of celiac (I was dx 3 yrs ago). Since the blood work is often inconclusive for this age, I'm thinking about starting a gluten-free diet to see if it helps. My question is, what do I use for snacks? He loves graham crackers, goldfish, all the standards, and I just don't have time to bake my own graham crackers. Any suggestions are welcomed!! Dinah
  6. Does anyone here who is lactose or casein intolerant have a delayed reaction to them? I'm trying to figure out if that is what is going on with me. I wonder if you can react a day or two later? Thanks! Dinah
  7. Hello, Wondering if anyone here has also developed lactose intolerance along with celiac. If so, what symptoms did you have and how were you diagnosed? I'm suspecting that may be an issue for me but not sure what to look for. Thank you! Dinah
  8. Hello, I have been doing some research on aspartame (enough to make me decide to quit drinking diet sodas), and am wondering if the common side effects (diarrhea, esp) affect us worse than non-celiacs? Anyone have any info? Thanks, Dinah
  9. Hello, Where can you be tested for other food intolerances? (dairy, soy, etc). Does your gastroenterologist do this? Thanks! Dinah
  10. Hello, I"m trying to find out if the beta blocker Bystolic (Forrest labs) is gluten free. It is fairly new, and I can't call the company until Monday. The inactive ingredients list "pregelatinized starch", which can be from wheat. Anyone have any info? Thanks, Dinah
  11. I was dx with celiac 2.5 years ago and have been gluten-free since. My gastro symptoms have subsided nicely (with very occasional bouts of diarrhea) and weight has stabilized. However, I have been dealing with sudden onset of diarrhea for about 7 days now. My husband (non celiac) had a very mild form of the same thing at the exact same time, but he's fine now and my problems continue. I'm hoping it's just an intestinal bug or something, but do we take longer to recover from such things? Any experiences/opinions welcome! Thanks, Dinah
  12. Wondering if others have had trouble gaining weight post-diagnosis? (if weight loss was a symptom). I am 2 years gluten-free, and have not been able to gain any weight, despite being strict about the diet. Thanks!
  13. [ I am 34 weeks, and have mitral valve prolapse (in addition to celiac). I've had palpitations since I was 4 weeks, and at 18 weeks, but ob put me back on my beta blockers, which have helped the palps but not the breathlessness. The gluten free diet (which I've been on for 1 year) hasn't seemed to affect it much. Just hang in there! I know how uncomfortable it can be. quote name='Annaem' date='Apr 1 2007, 09:09 PM' post='286596'] Is anyone experiencing palpitations during their pregnancy. It appears my rbc is low and slighltly low in magnesium and potassium. Just wondering if any other celiacs are having this challenge in their pregnancy. Im doing my best to get these levels back up.
  14. I eat lunch meat every day, and continue to do so (I am 17 weeks). Hillshire Farms has a new packaged lunchmeat w/out nitrates and nitrites. Just make sure to heat to steaming every time. quote name='silly_yak1979' date='Dec 7 2006, 02:30 PM' post='243705'] Well, it took my husband and I a whole month of trying before we got pregnant (I am not kidding, thrilled, but very suprised). So I have my first dr. appt tomorrow, she is familiar with Celiac, but I don't expect my OB to be an expert. So I've been reading through pregnancy websites, and am waiting for a few books to come in. I typically would do lunch meat and cheese rolled up. But now, no lunch meat. So I've been eating fruit, string cheese or nuts every few hours, but I feel like I want a normal lunch, well, somewhat normal. Any ideas for a pregnancy newby? Thanks! Brandy
  15. They are Ther X brand. Thank you! I"m not sure. Sorry to be TMI, but I would be thrilled to have the stool softener ingredient. The constipation is my worst pregnancy symptom!
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