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  1. Hi all, It's been 14 years since I was diagnosed as a celiac. I have strictly followed the gluten free diet since then. I've also smoked on and off, and have tried several times to switch to electronic cigarettes (vaping). I have been unsuccessful though, as every time I try it I get an INSTANT reaction that is identical to being glutened. I've done my research and can't find any information or accounts of celiacs being glutened by vaping. There are three main ingredients in the vape juice - propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and 'flavoring'. PG and VG are apparently naturally gluten free, so flavoring is where you'd expect the issue to lie. But I've tried plain PG only and plain VG only (also with no nicotine) and I get the same gluten reaction every time. Does anyone else have this issue?
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