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  1. Try apple cider vinegar (with mother)up to 2 tbls a day with water and Shaklee's optiflora.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Ever watched Nightline, 20/20 or CNN? The burger and bun looked the same, just alittle dry. So no, I don't think that's a "silly statement"!!!!
  4. McDonalds can make anyone feel glutened. My non celiac family takes turns in the bathroom after eating that junk. Did you know a McDonalds hamb can keep for nine years without molding. I think if you are trying to be healthier by remaining celiac free... fast food should also be off the menu.
  5. A MRI was the link that I needed to finally get my diagnosis. I had optic neuritis and my eye dr was concerened. They ended up finding demylinization in my brain and thought it to be MS. I had a spinal tap and a visual evoked response test and found it not to be MS but related to the celiac. ...
  6. I too had this pain. Turned out to be my liver. Because of celiac our bodies organs respond differently to gluten. Some people's livers will send off extra enzymes to deal with the "toxic" problem. My levels were only slightly elevated but is something my GI is monitoring closely. I am actually...