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  1. Okay, so I have been on a challenge for about a year and nothing. No symptoms, no D, no cramps, no pain, no weight loss, no irritability, negative blood tests and biopsies, (the original were positive) etc etc etc. What gives? I was gluten free for around 3 years before this and was not getting better so dr recommended a challenge and to come in if there were any symptoms like before (pathologist didn't agree it was celiac for sure). I have been feeling okay and don't have any of the symptoms as before? Dr is not sure either. Could the original blood tests have been a false positive (all others were always negative including the biopsies). All family is testing negative also (including my children). Doesn't at least one of your parents have to have it? I'm so tired of thinking about it and second guessing all the time. Just want to get on with my life and never think about food again. Shouldn't there be some kind of symptoms if it was truly celiac in the first place?
  2. Maybe the sugar in the cookies were too much. Once you start eating healthier your body will reject all sorts of things.
  3. Most of Shaklee's supplements are gluten free. The herb 5 isn't and there is one other one. The rest are okay. Including the protein shakes.
  4. c diff is extremely contagious so I hope you are protecting the ones around you. Listen to your doctor. Contrary to what you may be told on this site, they are still the ones who know. Of course they put you on the proper antibiotic. Take some probiotics along with any antibiotic. I don't recommend looking on the internet for answers. Not all the info is there...that's why doctors go to school for years. Many conditions can look like Celiac...you need to look at the big picture...that's what doctors do. Sometimes people want answers so bad they are not seeing the forest for the trees. Please stop self diagnosing as you could be missing something your doctor will catch.
  5. Try apple cider vinegar (with mother)up to 2 tbls a day with water and Shaklee's optiflora.
  6. Are your anaphylactic reactions treated with Epi????? If you are having a true reaction you may one day be faced with intubation.
  7. How were you diagnosed with Celiac? Fructose intolerance, SIBO, fungal infection, Intestinal flora imbalance, H pylori infection, Sjogrens, gallbladder issues...just to mention a few. Celiacs know what to eat and what to look for. I hate the word glutened! Just because you are feeling crappy doesn't mean you are glutened. Everything you are eating is 100 percent gluten free yet you are still having issues...hmmmmmm!
  8. Can mold cause positive blood and biopsies? If so is it treatable? I didn't get ill till we moved into our 100 year old house! Ended up with a nasty fungal respiratory infection (treated with anti fungal). This fungus should never be found in the lungs. They had me pegged with COPD and Intersestial lung disease. All reversed with treatment. Very interesting post. Please keep us informed with any new developments. I believe there is also more to this story.
  9. The most frustrating comment ever is "you must be getting glutened" I dispise that word because it implies you are failing. This is one of those diseases that blames the person if something goes wrong. There is alot of guilt associated with this diagnosis. If you are like all other celiacs you know what to eat and use as far as products and food goes. You probably know more than your doctor and or dietician. You know if you have been cheating and according to your blood test you are not. I feel that there are other unknown or known diseases that can cause the same symptoms as celiac. H pylori and SIBO can cause the same symptoms. Fungal infections are another example. Protien disorders were listed on my biopsy results. Unfortunately, once you get that diagnosis, everything must be related to it. Sometimes a cold is just a cold. I wish you luck. This forum would not be so popular and or huge if the answers were clear cut.
  10. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  11. There is nothing you can do to get over it but ride it out. As someone who works in an ER, do not go to the ER and you do not need to call your Dr. There is nothing they can do to help. Depending on the person it can take days to a week for that glutened feeling to leave. Everyone gets glutened at some point and soon you will learn where you can eat and where you can't. I know the people at a restaurant try to help and may think they know what is in the products, but this is usually not the case. Most don't even know what gluten is. I asked once if there was gluten in a salad dressing and the gut said yes there is sugar in it. You can always ask to see the ingredients as they will have boxes and packaging avalible in the back. Hope this helps. Feel better
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