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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Many of the broad spectrum antibiotics are very ahrd on the intestinal system - celiac or non celiac alike. You should contact your doctor and tell him you are having side effects. Good advice re:probiotics etc. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria along with bad... sandy
  3. E coli had many species - it can be the deadly strain that causes food poisoning. the normal flora that is in your gut, or the one that got from your intestine to your bladder through a little travelling from rectum to urethra..... E coli strains are also used to manufacture human insulin after genetic...
  4. My son has struggled with it off an on... we just figured out that it is related to 2 things - lactose and consitipation. Our daughter just started going lactose free and as an experiment we had son go lactose free..he decided he didnt have to worry so he went back on regular milk etc. Lo and behold...
  5. Here is a link for the American Autoimmune site . Very good site and easy to naviagte - talks about all the various autoimmune condions including how they can occur togther ...http://www.aarda.org/index.php Here is the link and the conclusion of the study about white matter lesions and celiac...
  6. We live in Alberta, Canada in small town. The GP her treated her for Urinary tract infection even though urine was normal - he said you can have infections with a normal urine (??). When the fever never stopped and she was getting sicker - he did a referral only because I asked - he then said it...
  7. Lucky would be one word... it amazes me how some hospitals are aware of it and it is on the list of rule outs for fevers right from the start......and satff at other hospitals look at you and say - wow that's rare, how did they know? Simple, it was on the list of potential diagnoses from the start...
  8. Kathryn was diagnosed after 3 weeks, she had a fever for 11 days, rashes, fatigue, peeling feet, all her lymph nodes were enlarged and tender..... all the classic symptoms.... I'll try to answer your questions the best I can.. and the symptoms do fit celiac and I think what happens is KD is...
  9. That would be us too! Kathryn had KD in 2003 and was diagnosed celiac in 2004. The cause of Kd , as you know - is not well understood - we sent her DNA to Dr Burns (in California) who was doing research into genetics of KD. Kathryn took a loooong time to recover - she wasnt diagnosed in time to...
  10. I have never written about this before - probably becasue now I do have competent doctors who listen but not before I told off a neurologist and switched pediatricians. I have survived medication errors, residents who thought they knew more than nurses and a doctor who missed classic hypothyroidism...
  11. There is an excellent site about Autoimmunity / the diseases etc at John's Hopkns site: http://autoimmunity.pathology.jhmi.edu/aboutcenter.cfm I have a son (11 yr) diabetic/celiac - diabetes diagnosed Sept 2003, celiac confirmed by biopsy Aug 2004. A daughter (13yr) diagnosed hypothyroid age...