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  1. I think it does contribute to depression. I don't think I was ever dx'ed with depression but I did get an antidepressant for PTSD when my daughter was hurt. When I got on that, I could tell that I had been irritable and anxious my whole life. I was also always tired and didn't really want to do...
  2. It is worth it to me. I didn't have any abdominal symptoms before but I got dx'ed with gluten intolerance through Enterolab and tried eliminating it to see what would happen. Within 2 days, I could tell a difference. I am on of those people now that can't have even a trace of gluten. When...
  3. I don't have any symptoms from drinking coffee but once I went gluten free, I am completely turned off by the idea of drinking coffee. At the same time, I miss it. Drinking Coke or Dr. Pepper in the morning is just not the same.