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  1. Don't have anywhere near that kind of money
  2. So my dr thinks I have celiacs or a gluten intolerance. Without insurance he can't test for it so he said to cut it out and see if my symptoms went away and I felt better. Well I cut it out for a week and last night on day 7 I went out to eat and I accidentally ate like 2 nibbles of breading that had gluten in it. I caught myself after that and sent the plate back so the kitchen gave me a new plate and assured it to be gluten free. About 30 minutes later I began having really bad stomach pain and naseua. It progressed to backpain and weakness hours later. This morning i woke up and my stomach still hurts and I'm naseaus. My husband ate the same thing I did so I know it's not food posioning. Is it possible that after a week without it this is my first episode of being glutened? Could this be my confirmation that I have it? How long until this goes away?