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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. My grandma gave me this one. You can change it up with whatever you like.....change the fruits, chocolates, or nuts. The whole family loves these bars. My grandma who is diabetic uses splenda for both sugars. Chewy Granola Bars Ingredients: 1 cup butter
  3. I was just diagnosed as having porphyria. My doc says that often celiacs have this. Anyone in here know much of anything about it? I seem to have problems keeping my blood sugar up....I guess due to this. I have yet to see the specialist and am just trying to find out what I can. Anyone have a child with it.....if so what were there symptoms. Thanks.
  4. Congrats on the baby! As already said due to your blood results you do have celiac. Many of us have different symptoms. I don't want to upset anyone here but PLEASE go gluten free NOW!!! I did not know untill after my second child was born that I was celiac. My first daughter was fine....just small. But my second daughter ended up being born at 29 weeks and they believe it was due to celiac....basicly I didn't have enough nutrients to support the baby. If you look through other pregnancy posts on here there is a number of woman who have had premature babies and miscarages....others have never had a problem....but why take the chance. There are gluten free pretzels and crackers out there...some better than others....I don't know why but the all natural cheetos seem to help my tummy. Good luck....and again congradualtions on your pregnancy.
  5. STASHU'S AND SON'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had quite a few pizza crusts from resturaunts and home made and packaged. Havn't found anything yet that beats it. Even our non celiac friends and family love it!!! A local guy from here makes it and sells it at HyVee. He also makes the pizza's and calzones...gluten-free of course....in his pizza house. I have had the kininakanik frozen pizza crusts and they are good but this crust is more like what I remember "real" pizza to be.
  6. I have been getting what feels like baby kicks in my upper and mid left tummy area.....is this gas? I haven't really been passing any or eatin ne thing out of the ordinary but it feels odd and won't go away.
  7. This sounds like a great thread. It's great that we all want to help each other out. I have had a wieght problem since the third grade. Nothing from exersice to any diet plan has ever worked for me untill now. A month ago I was about 95lbs over wieght. I feel GREAT. Lots of energy and I am not even hungry. I find it hard to believe myself but I am not even craving anything. I am also for the first time since I donno when actually sleeping through the night. I think on top of celiac I have leaky gut and that seems to be slowly improving as well. I am also impresed that I found somthing that is all natural to help me out. The most hard to believe part for me though is that I have lost 16lbs in the last 3 weeks!!!! I can't tell you what I am taking as I don't want to get kicked off this board as I now am selling there products. I can tell you that drinking lots of water is sapossed to help as you need that to flush lots of things out of your body. I am told take your wieght and devide it in half and that is the # of oz you are sapossed to drink each day. I hope we all have success and that this thread helps keep us all motivated. Breakfast:Shake Snack:Cheese Lunch:Shake Snack:Pirate Booty Dinner:Steak, garden green beans, baked french fries Snack:Peanuts
  8. My step-mother brought me an article about this and it fit all to well. I think this my be part of my remaining issues. My research says it is realated to celiac. Does anyone have any adive about how to do with this? Thanks.
  9. I can tell you from hands on experience to go gluten free well before you actually get pregnant.....like six months min. I was not aware with my last pregnancy that I was celiac. My precious little girl was born at 29 weeks wieghing only 2 half pounds and 13 in long. She had a long hard strugle and even today has glasses, a tube in her tummy to eat, leg braces, and is quite delayed. Many of the other parents we have met having preemies at this gestation....um well lets just say we've been to a few funerals. This is serious business. Not only does this cause infertility and miscarrages but you could be putting your future baby at a huge risk of problems and suffering or worse. I don't mean to be harsh or scare you but this is nothing to screw around with. If you want to have a baby in the near future you need to get serious and go 100% gluten free and stick to it. Make sure you are taking the vitamens and get checked for any defictiencies. I wish you and your husband good luck bringing a little one into the world and hope all goes well for you and your future baby.
  10. 1)I have no pain anywhere below my belly button area.....including pelvic region 2)It starts about 6" above my hip bones...waist area and is over time has spread from about a 2" circle to about 5". It started out closer to my back bone (maybe an inch out from it) but doesn't seem to be related to it at all and has radiated out since. 3)It don't think its under my ribs...not on the side ne ways unless I move 4)It is in my back under the ribs 5)I have had probs with constipation from time to time but it has been lots better since going gluten-free and havnt been so for at least a month now. Seems to low for my lungs and I havn't had any breathing problems lately. My dad had gall baldder problems. I do have a history of taking allot of pain pills for long periods of time. Donno what info would help....let me know if you have more questions. The only things I can seem to link them to are my liver or gallbladder but from what I have looked up online don't really seem to fit the profile for those things. May not be looking in the right place though. Thanks so much for trying to help.....I hope you have some answears for me.
  11. I have a dull constant aching pain in my back.....the pain gets sharper if I move. It is on the right side a good 6" up from my waist line. This pain has progresivly gotten worse over the past few months. It is also tender in my abdomen in the same place but doesn't hurt near as bad as my back does. It didn't start untill after I went on the gluten-free diet. Now it is getting bad enough that I find myself not doing much of anything wich isn't like me. The pain is qetting quite severe and doesn't go away at all now. Has anyone experiencd somthing like this or no what the problem could be. I have mentioned this to my idiot doctor and she always pushes it aside as nothing. Unfortionantly my insurance will not cover a different doctor nor do I have to money to see one on my own.
  12. We are taking a vacation to Scottsdale Arizona this summer. I am trying to get a head start on planning all of this. Does anyone know of some good places to eat? I am told there are some resturaunts in the mall accrossed from our hotel but I don't know what resturaunts they have or if they have anything gluten-free? Thanks for your help!
  13. My daughter and I have gotten french fries a number of times from burger king and had no problems. Here they have dedicated friers. We have also had good luck at wendeys (have to check as not all Wendeys have dedicated friers....the newer ones do) and chickfalay (all there locations have dedicated friers for there waffle fries). Chickfalay has awsome gluten-free chicken breasts. Wendeys are gluten-free as well but not as good. Last I knew Burger Kings hamburgers were not gluten-free but Wendeys are. I have had bad luck with McDonalds french fries and have gotten sick every time I have tried eating them.
  14. The FRIED rice can be made without frying it. We boil the rice and skip the oil and frying part. Add frozen sweat baby peas and seasoned chicken breasts and soy sauce and add in the seasoning packet. We have made it both ways and can't tell much of a difference. Our family loves it....it's on our favorites list now.
  15. Herbalife! This is a product that is soymilk based. It would be somthing that would be added to her diet on top of a meal to help her gain wieght. You can make these into fruit smothies or drink them as they are. I would try things like chicken breasts for protien....it can be made in so many ways and if it is fresh shouldn't have additives in it. If you message me I can get you the details.
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