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Mexican Food... Pizza... Oh Help!



So on Saturday, I finally succumbed to my pizza cravings. But I didn't make it homemade like I should have. I bought it from a local restaurant that assured me that it did everything to ensure it would be gluten free, from changing gloves to washing hands, to putting it on its own special tray. Sure enough, glutened... Yeah. Shoulda known. (Not to mention I have a bad habit of trying gluten free restaurants on saturdays, which is bad because then I get glutened and am down for sunday. I haven't been to church between glutenings, anxiety attacks, and colds in two months.)

And then today, I rushed out the door with no time to prepare a lunch so I had grabbed cereal and carrots. And since its one of THOSE days, I am not very hungry. So I figured that would be enough. Nope... 2:00 comes round, and I am starved... So I get a special order mexican... And you got it... glutened again. Ye'd think I would learn... Nope.


The weird thing is how fast reactions come. I never seem to remember that all the reactions I get are immediate... And so here I am at work, trying to survive another three hours... Yeah, something's gotta give now because of my stupidity... Excuse me while I run to the bathroom... thanks...



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hey, girl.... i'd been wondering how you've been doing!!

So sorry to hear about the problems today... live & learn!!
Hope you get fellin better soon, and have a merry christmas.

ps... i understand about not being able to go to church due to health issues. For most of the last 3 years, every sunday it's a guessing game as to wether or not my DH will be able to go to church that day or not (due to his back problems)


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hahaha yeah not sure why I kinda died off here.... I am trying to get better on this again...

As for my glutenings, ugh... I hope I live and learn. (And get better... I can't sleep due to the glutening) And you have a Merry christmas/

As for church, I am determined to make it this sunday. Otherwise, its not gonna be as Merry of a Christmas as I would like.

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Hi my name is Karie and i am new to this. My son has celiac and he loooooves pizza and tacos. I don't know if there is a passport pizza where you live but here it is a life saver. See the problem with pizza in pizza places is the flour in the air it's there for 24 hours after you use it. So what passport does is it comes in it's own box and tray already they warm it up and cut it with a special knife witch they keep in a plastic bag.It never touches anything and never is in the same area they make the other pizzas and we have never had a problem.I'm sorry your having such a hard time but believe me once you learn all the tricks it will get better.As far as tacos go old elpaso taco seasoning is gluten free and the ortega taco shells are also add your toppings and you got tacos.I really hope this helps. get better fast. :)

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