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Pushy Pushy Pushy



Well, yesterday anyone who was anyone stopped by without a phone call, just to "talk." Okay so it was only three people, my church leader and my two visiting teachers (two women in my ward who have been asked to visit me each month and give a spiritual message. Every woman in my ward has them.). But normally these people call before they stop by. It was too coincidental, honestly. And I really didn't like it. They were pushing me to see a counselor (for my anxiety and miscarraige) through my church, all three of them. I'm sorry, but I do NOT need to see a counselor to have them tell me I am being stupid, and that my parents are right in treating me like crap, and I have no reason to fear them or hate going to family parties. Etc, etc, etc. I need a doctor more. Which I am TRYING to find. Sure its been a while since I attended church, but still, I don't need to be pushed. Sure they meant well, but it just makes me want to stay away, ya know? I'm trying to be strong through these trials, but please, for heaven's sake, don't push me. It's not gonna get you anywhere. I'm healing, its a long process, so LET ME FRICKIN BE! I'll come to church when I am ready.



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That's so annoying and it's good you're venting.

I do have to say, though... I had an apartment manager/friend/woman in my ward (I was LDS for a while... long story) who took it upon herself to come worry about me, and to this day I believe she saved my life.

I was suicidally depressed and had stopped taking care of myself, going to work, leaving my apartment, or eating anything but ice cream and water (all the food I had left in my apartment). I thought of killing myself moment to moment, but just didn't have the energy to do it.

I didn't pick up my phone, and I left messages for people who called too much, pretending I was ok so they wouldn't bother me. If someone hadn't been so pushy I don't think I ever would have snapped out of it.

While it sucks to be on the receiving end of intervention - especially when it's not needed - the system the church has set up for checking in on people (or just nosy neighbors and friends) can be a lifesaver.


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