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Celiac Teen

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Grocery Shopping



I would like to say a few words before starting the main entry, this is my first ever blog about anything so Im sure It'll have a lot of room for improvement. Second thing: Im open to any constructive feedback or suggestions in the comment section and if you liked this entry, likes would be appreciated ?

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Being quite recently diagnosed, (about 8 months) which means Ive been on a "normal" diet for almost my whole life. That also means that I cant eat any of my old favourite foods anymore. When we go grocery shopping (or as I call it "food shopping") I always have to walk past rows and rows of all my favourite foods that I used to be able to eat and know exactly what they taste like. I know that alot of teens on this site will of been diagnosed since they were young so maybe cant remember a time when they ate "normal" food but there are people like me that can remember being able to eat everything and like me probably hate food shopping.

Most foods like pizza and bread (staples of mist teens diets) just dont taste the same gluten free. The regular bread isle always stinks of that bread smell that reminds me of when I could eat it which makes me feel really down that I cant anymore. In my food store, there are two gluten free pizzas, the one with cheese and the one with lactose free cheese. Since I'm also lactose intolerant I obviously go with the lactose free option which tastes like a mix between cardboard box and paper but hey, pizza is pizza I guess ??‍♀️ When you are on a normal diet you have a choice of  about 15 different pizzas with various different toppings and different crusts which would beat my gluten free pizza any day.

The bread on the other hand, comes with a bit more selection. I can choose from the one that crumbles in your hands like sand, the one that tastes of pure sugar, the one that tastes like cardboard box (like the pizzas ?) or the one that tastes like slightly drier normal wheat bread. Of course I go for the last option because it tastes the best out of all of them but I still hate how almost everyone else has the choice of 20-30 breads (I will say that Im not sure about anywhere else but in the UK we have A LOT of bread choices in the big food stores)

Like I said before Im lacotse intolerant which limits my selection of cheese to two, the dairy free one that tastes slightly too strong for its own good or the other dairy free one that tastes of nothing and dosent melt properly in the oven or microwave like some sort of heat proof mutant cheese (If you could even call it cheese) I usually go for the one thats too strong because at least it melts! Theres nothing better than chips and cheese too me.

When it comes to what I actually eat for meals I guess my diet is kind of normal. For breakfast I usually eat porridge (oatmeal) because its quick for school mornings and really filling. I use soya milk to make it because I dont like the taste of almond or coconut and rice milk isnt really available in my food store. For lunch I eat a chicken sandwhich at school (with my dry bread) and for dinner I eat lots of vegetables and either rice, potatoes or tofu. I would rather eat chicken nuggets and potato smiley faces anyday but atleast I'll be healthy now ?

I hate having to go down what I call my nightmare isle which is the isle which has all the biscuits, cakes and chocolate all in one! I have to stare at all the delicious things that I cant eat because something out there decided I was going to have celiac disease (apart from the fact that all those foods are unhealthy and full of sugar ?) I still cant eat alot of gluten free biscuits because most of them have dairy in them and the dairy free chocolate tastes of pure sugar.

In conclusion (I dont know why Im making this sound like and essay but I thought that sounded like a good start to my end paragraph) I guess that trip to the supermarket, grocery store, food shop, whatever you want to call it, will never feel that great since I cant eat most of the food in there but I guess its a part of life and Im just going to have to toughen up and get used to it! Atleast I can eat my cardboard-paper pizz  to make me feel better ?!

Again if you liked this or have any constructive feedback please like and comment! 

P.S- I feel like a professional author now, better schedule my first blog signing (because thats apparently a thing)





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Blogging here is a great way to just let it all out among others who deal with similar issues. I spent a few months doing what your doing then I started making my own, sorta evolved into a gluten free bakery where I sell at farmers markets. Nowadays everything I do is Paleo and Keto, that being gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, and free of starches and sugars. I can actually make super soft moist bread and good cookies (biscuits). Been playing with how to make "sourdough" bread as of late with some fun results might share later.

I myself do a monthly blog on updates and a recipe experiment blog. 

I do not know about UK oatmeal but here in the US it is very commonly contaminated with wheat, and farmers often grow on rotation with wheat and use the same harvesting and transporting equipment. Not to mention 10% of celiacs will react to oats in some degree like gluten/wheat

Few other dishes you might consider, a beef roast can be done easy gluten-free, you can reduce the liquid and thicken by mixing in a few tbsp at a time in a separate bowl with egg yolks stirring constantly then adding back into the pot for a gravy. I use a crockpot and it makes enough for days.
Baked fish is easy you can do a sheet pan version open, or I like to seal it in parchment paper, you season, add a tbsp  each of coconut oil (I use Nutiva Butter Flavored that is dairy free) and vinegar or cooking wine seal in parchment paper and bake at 400F for 45-60mins for a single serve portion Serve with roasted veggies you can cook on the same sheet pan after tossing in oil and seasonings.
Breakfast I like simple eggs or omelets, you can mix it up with different seasonings or fillings.
 Good luck and welcome to the forums. 

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Hey MarD123,

i hear you about the isles upon isles of things we can’t eat in the grocery store. I stopped going for months because where I live in switzerland there is an outdoor fruit and veggie market. That way I didn’t have to deal with reading ingredients and eating that terrible processed food. Every Monday there is also a food truck here that sells pizza and baked goods and I buy what I feel like the freeze for later. Now when I go to the grocery store, i avoid certain isles. Just tonight I defrosted a great grain-free bread, added cut up tomatoes, lactose free cheese and capers and called it pizza. You will find workarounds. Promise. 

That said, you are allowed to be pissed. It’s a crap disease and you will have bad days, but you will have an increasing number of good days and you will feel better.

check out the find me gluten free app or site to find some safe options in your area. 

All my best.  

Great blog entry ! 

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Thank you both, the oatmeal is specially gluten free from the gluten free section and I feel fine on it but if it did have gluten my intestine would let me know soon enough ?. Thank you for the feedback ?

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Most of us have had similar thoughts and feelings to you about the aisles we don't bother going down. On some level I appreciate they are all in one place. As Ennis said in time we make our own recipes etc.

My children and husband can eat gluten free items from the store. I have found my immune system likes me to make my own bread and pizza items. In time some interesting changes happen. We find new recipes to love. My immune system likes the least amount of additives etc. It likes whole foods and simple ingredients . 

My daughter likes my homemade gluten-free pizza crust better and my homemade milk free Mac and cheese over any companies gluten-free packaged version. She still gets some versions to keep in the freezer or pantry in case mom is tired after work and can t make the homemade version.

I missed foods and had to adjust to the social aspects of the lifestyle change. It also changed my family's lifestyle. A compete over hall. My Dr's let us know the shared household was not working for me. So my daughter, son, and husband went gluten-free too. While they can eat gluten outside the house my children have found they prefer to be gluten-free even away from home. My husband eats gluten-free away from home too except for beer. They did It because they saw how bad gluten is on mom. I can't put into words how in addition to adjusting to the lifestyle, diet, and grieving foods I lost, how it felt to take the foods from them too.

In time it became a lifestyle. My daughter likes to try new recipes and eats better than most teens. Even My son's friend who spends a lot of time here adjusted too.  My son's friend loves the days we have fresh squeezed orange juice at our home. My husband will give friend a 30 second old fresh glass of oj .We are unique in these lifestyle changes.

In time you will adjust. It is ok to mourn. You may also find more "non cardboard" options or try an Ennis recipe to add to your food options.

Welcome and best wishes on this new path in life. Most of all I am glad you know now and can avoid any further complications due to undiagnosed celiac. 

Have a great summer.





Edited by Awol cast iron stomach

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