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After Thanksgiving Update



For thanksgiving this year I injected and smoked a turkey, the meat was wonderful. I also did dressing again, my green bean casserole with the french onions made in a air fryer, and mock apple cobbler out of chayote squash.

My bakery/catering business donated 140 cookies, 9 loafs of pound cakes, a lemon loaf cake, mock apple cobblers to my churches community Thanksgiving Dinner. All Gluten Free, Paleo, and Keto, they were the only diabetic friendly desserts and most everything was taken.

The Mock Apple Cobbler was great I used 3 different takes on it to get the texture and sauce right with a custom recipe. I need to remake it again to be sure of it before I make it a feature in my bakery. (recipe available by message only)
The Green bean casserole onions inspired a new sauce recipe, 4 renditions in I actually succeeded in making a almost perfect knock off of the dip Outback Steak House serves with their blooming onion (To be Posted Soon).. It also inspired a new mushroom soup recipe I am trying to get right.

Left Overs, I packed the dressing up into silicone ice cube trays yesterday so I will have freezer bags of measured cubes I can just microwave and serve. I am also portion packing turkey. As for the extra cobblers, I have a crazy idea to make a type of empanada or poptart with the mix after pulsing in a food processor.

Black Friday, I ended up blowing all this months income...not on items but on food, bars and supplements lol.
I got some wonderful Coffees from Christopher Bean Coffee on sale.
I got a few stacks of Califlour Foods Plant Based Italian Crust at 30% off.
I got bags of Paleo/Keto Granola, Meal Bars for Emergencies, and Egg white protein powder from Julian Bakery
Vitacost had 30% off $50 orders, so I made several stocking up on Liquid Health B-vitamins, Pumpkin Protein, Sunflower Protein, Vitamin-D, Jerky Snacks, Primal Palate Dip Mixes, Parma Vegan Parmesan, Coconut Wraps, and a few other things.
Stoka Bars had some Keto bars on sale so I got a case.
I got myself a treat and got 3 bottles of BeMixed Margarita Mix (no calorie no BS ingredients) with 30% off and free shipping.
Wish I had more money to get a few other things,

Xenia my new emotional support animal (Argentine Black & White Tegu) is still getting used to me, I have not handled her since I got her. Your supposed to just put worn clothing in their hide and enclosure so they get used to your smell, and actually avoid traumatizing handling til they get used to your presence/smell and settled in. I tried feeding her canned dog food like the breeder suggested but she wants none of that lol. Picky eater and loves raw extra lean hamburger, and raw or soft boiled eggs. She is smart and will literally pick out the meat from the dog food and ignore the beef if I put her vitamins in it. BUT I can sneak in her vitamins and calcium supplements in raw egg beating them in. I will be getting some new bedding for her in early/mid December. -_- The cypress mulch I was going to get is sold out at the local stores guess gardening is a spring thing. I am ordering the better coconut based bedding on amazon. I am wondering if I need to get her a humidifier as the air is really dry this time of year here and she needs around 70%. I am putting soaked paper towels in the enclosure few times a day til they dry up. I am also still trying to find the perfect temps for her and getting a better temp gun to check them.



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Hi Ennis, I hope your dislocated rib is better. You sure sound like you had a busy time this week, I wonder how you managed it through the pain. Bravo for your work for the community Thanksgiving dinner! Can we have a picture of lovely Xenia?

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13 hours ago, Corinne D. said:

Hi Ennis, I hope your dislocated rib is better. You sure sound like you had a busy time this week, I wonder how you managed it through the pain. Bravo for your work for the community Thanksgiving dinner! Can we have a picture of lovely Xenia?

Most the pain went away when it popped it back in, after that it was thanks to tramadol.



Edited by Ennis_TX

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Oh wanted to give another leftover tip, dressing waffles. I took some leftover dressing (few cups) mixed in a egg (you might try 2) then just enough left over chicken stock to moisten it a bit. I then mixed in some browned breakfast sausage and put it in a waffle iron.

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