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I'm Starving And Afraid To Eat Anything! Gah!



Every time I turn around, some new health thing pops up and new dietary restrictions come into play. First, it was the thyroid and avoiding goitrogens like unfermented soy and raw cruciferous veggies. Then it was the elimination diet and having to avoid gluten, dairy, corn and refined sugar due to reactions. Ok, fine. I can deal with that.

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Spent 4 hours in the ER yesterday due to having abdominal pain for 6 days straight. They didn't find anything, of course. Just said to follow up with the GI. I suspect gallbladder or pancreas dysfunction (particularly pancreas due to blood test results I got a peek at yesterday). So now, I have to avoid fats as well, keeping my intake to well under 20g a day, according to the ER instructions. 5 grams of that is taken up by my fat-based supplements alone!


Now what do I do????


Every time I eat anything, the pain gets worse (yes, I STILL have it), radiating to my back, up to my shoulder, down my leg, to other parts of my abdomen. On top of that, I get bloated, gassy, and now belch in a manner that would either frighten any small child or send them into a fit of giggles for the next 15 minutes. I'm taking digestive enzymes, but they don't seem to be helping much. My usual protein sources of baked skinless chicken breasts and nuts are now severely limited.


I'm honestly afraid to eat anything! Even my lunch, which consists of plain baked fish with plain white rice and some raw celery sticks, fills me with anticipatory dread of what's to come in the next few hours. It'll probably be the last thing I eat today, if the past few weeks have been any example. Of course, this all hits right before the holidays. And most gluten-free goodies, whether they're made commercially or at home, are loaded with fat.


Ho, ho, hrm. Bah humbug!


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