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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Just re-read a couple of posts I'd made earlier on the board. Geeze! Yeah, that's me who wrote them, but still. I sound like an utter looney! I've always been a bit "off" (its part of my charm), but recently I've a little more off than usual. No.... scratch that. A LOT more off. I used...
  3. Every time I turn around, some new health thing pops up and new dietary restrictions come into play. First, it was the thyroid and avoiding goitrogens like unfermented soy and raw cruciferous veggies. Then it was the elimination diet and having to avoid gluten, dairy, corn and refined sugar due...
  4. Kamut is an ancient form of wheat. While its probably lower in gluten than modern wheat, it still has gluten in it. The same goes for spelt. Sorry.
  5. Ever since Thanksgiving, I've had a mad craving for turkey sandwiches. Not just any old craving. A MAD craving. One of the local grocery stores carries both Kinnickinnick and Glutino breads! Woot! Lightly toasted two pieces, added some thinly sliced leftover turkey, a little salt and pepper...
  6. I wanted to find out if my reaction was to just wheat or to gluten. Decided to do a barley challenge to find out for sure. Had a teaspoon of cooked barley last night. Had some lightheadedness and very minor reflux, but otherwise ok. No bloating, no pain, none of what I had with the wheat challenge...
  7. So here I am, spending most of tonight surfing the web and printing out gluten-free product lists, ingredients to watch out for, recipes, meal plans, etc.... Yeesh! I'm beginning to feel guilty about the number of trees that died in the name of "Safe Shopping" and the need to fill our bellies....
  8. So, here I am 2 weeks past the self dx and 5 weeks gluten-free altogether. Still not feeling fabulous, but better. Have more energy and I attribute that to the B12 supplements. I've been actually getting up off my butt and doing stuff around the house the past few days. Its nice to be able to...