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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Took a break for awhile. Decided to give others the benefit of my rant/whine sessions. Spent the last week selling at a flea market. Don't know how I did it, but I did it. Thanks. I'm having funky premature heartbeats. Funny thing is they're regular - every third one. While PACs usually aren't anything to worry about in a healthy person, I'm not sure what it means for a lymie. Yeah. L said she's concerned about my brain stuff. That, and they found lesions on my MRI. There's also the issue of insurance. Apparently, they tend to be more willing to pay for IV abx when they're rx'd closer to the original dx date. My next appt is with L on June 19th. Then I have one with Dr H on July 23rd. L wants to start me on IV Rocephin. Looking at a PICC line right now. Trying to figure out how I'm going to manage the 2-week camping trip with that thing in me. Thanks! Hope they help you too!
  3. Kass, Looks like we're going to be joining the IV abx club together. Saw L at my Dr H's office yesterday and she wants me to start on them asap. Fun! Maybe we can come up with a password and a funny handshake or somesuch. ------------- In other news, finished the flea market. I felt better than I thought, but was still in pain and tired all the time. But I did it and that's the important thing. L also wants me to get a holter monitor because of some arrythmia (sp?) she noticed during yesterday's appt. Finally, it happened when someone was there to listen! Pick up the monitor tomorrow. Massive abx changes. She's starting me back on the Malarone, adding Probenecid, and changed the Cedax to Ceftin. Still on Zith and Plaquenil. This should be interesting. That's all for now. Just wanted to update folks and let you know I'm still alive, kicking, and cranky.
  4. Miamia, Congrats on re-entering the dairy and gluteny worlds! Katy, You might want to look at an RBC elements blood test. It tests the mineral content of what's in your red blood cells, rather than what's circulating in serum. It can give a better idea of what's in your tissues. The main problem with hair analysis is that it only shows what you're excreting. If your body is holding onto certain things, they won't show. If you do the hair analysis and if you color your hair, pubic hair will work. Paula, Sorry about your mold problem. Maybe a dehumidifer would help? At least it would draw moisture out of the air so the mold will dry out and, hopefully, die. I'm sure there's probably a mold problem from the flooded rental property next door too. If not now, there will be. Could be where the new surge of mold is coming from. How much tea tree oil did you put in the bath? Carla, The only problem with green tea (other than caffeine) is that it contains high amounts of fluoride. Since you have thyroid issues, it might not be the best choice. What exactly is it in green tea that promotes abx utilization anyway? Maybe they have it in capsules? Sorry I didn't address everyone. Short attention span still kicking in. Hope all are well.
  5. Hey! Just stopping by to let you know I'm still kicking. Been immersed in the world of brain stuff lately, trying to educate myself. Got my MRI results back. No typical lyme lesions, but they did find something. Unfortunately, they couldn't really tell what it was. It's either a gliosis (brain scar tissue) or a sign of early vascular disease in the brain. Both can be caused by a lot of different things (B12 deficiency, migraines, autoimmune stuff, etc). I'm going to be sending the films out for a second opinion, particularly since I'm noticing things on there that they didn't mention. Yeah, I'm totally untrained and have no idea about brain structures and all that. But when this thing looks a lot like the thing they mentioned but they didn't mention the first thing, I get curious. After that, will be looking for a good neurologist. Will probably end up having to go to NYC. Ugh. Anyway, I'm doing fine on zith and ceftin. No side effects to speak of. Yay! Feeling a little better overall. Not fabulous, but I'll take it.
  6. LOL! 9:30 is actually ok for me. I usually don't crash until around 11. It's the afternoon appts that get me because I'm apparently needing 3 hours naps these days. Ugh! I'm just slightly miffed because I want to see the results... now! The zith is going great! No side effects so far. *knock wood* My stomach's even behaving! Woah! The stone massage sounds wonderful! Wild about the temp differences. For summer-wight gloves, maybe check bridal salons. They usually have a decent selection in different colors and styles for bridesmaids. Yeah, it was an open MRI. They're not as sensitive as the regular ones for brain stuff. Less definition/detail and all that. I'm feeling a bit more relaxed about the one on Wed nite tho. They did run a couple of passes and I won't worry anymore about anything flying out of my body or my head exploding. :lol:
  7. Hrm. So I get there, get in the machine *bump bump click click click*, and tech comes in. The tech, btw, was extremely cute although not a whole lot of personality. But anyway..... He said he called the radiologist while I was in there (heckuva time to call). The radiologist said that in order to get a better look at what's going on in my head, they'd need me to go in the regular MRI. Apparently, white matter lesions from lyme don't just jump out at you. I'm now rescheduled for 9:30 at night this Wednesday. At least all the paperwork's done.
  8. Another drive-by. Must be a trend tonight. I'm doing much better these days. The migraines and vomiting episodes have gone away since I stopped taking the Mino. I'm on day 2 of Zith and no side effects so far. *knock wood* Other than knots in my right shoulder and neck that won't go away, I'm actually feeling pretty good. Even the tingling has died down to almost nothing. Yay! Supposed to start Ceftin either tomorrow or Tuesday. Hope that goes as well as the Zith. Getting a brain MRI tomorrow to check for swelling and other fun stuff. A friend of mine has offered to get in touch with a few neuroradiologists she knows (who are lyme literate) for 2nd and 3rd opinions. For free! It's good to know people who know people. Will update again once I get my results. Hope everyone's doing well (haven't caught up yet).
  9. She's taking me off the Malarone too. "Musical Meds" anyone? This is wild tho. Never thought I'd have so many problems with medications. It ain't right, I tells ya!
  10. L just called. She wants me off everthing but the plaquenil and nystatin. She doesn't like the reactions I'm having to the meds. Switching my meds over to ceftin and zith. I'm supposed to skip today and tomorrow and start the new meds on Saturday. Stomach's still oogy and head's a tad achy, but otherwise sort of ok. Glad to hear the herx is passing.
  11. Nyxie, semi-professional smartazz. At your service. Not Dr H. Got a fax from the office finally giving me the pre-cert number for the MRI (only took over a week). *grumblemutter* They did, however, write it on the page I faxed to them yesterday with a list of my recent symptoms. Guess that's my answer. It's scheduled for this coming Monday. Guess I lucked out - they had an opening in the open MRI unit that afternoon. Yay! Saves me the trouble of having claustrophobia anxiety until then. Can use that energy to be anxious about other things.
  12. LOL! It's a carryover from a running joke on another board. Just feel it applies to myself most days. The link is here if you care to check it out: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/431517
  13. Whew! Ok. Yeah, figured we were goofing around, but wanted to make sure. You know how afterwards you sometimes think about things and they start seeming worse than they were or start questioning yourself and such. But anyhoo.... You're still older than me. Neener!
  14. Carla, Sorry for being a jerk last night. Was trying to be a brat and guess I passed it.
  15. Bully4You, I try to limit soy (mostly because of the impact it has on the thyroid), but with my reactions to most meats (even chicken if I eat it too often) I'm try to vary my protein intake. And I'm not a huge fan of fish. I'm currently doing a rotation diet, which means I can only eat a food every 4 days. Some foods even less so (max 1x a week) depending on my reaction. I do have hormonal imbalances. Then again, i'm also at "that age" where things start getting funky. My endocrine system is seriously out of whack, most likely due to Lyme&Co. Spunky and Turtle, Thanks for your replies! Will have to try the bean burgers out. Thanks again to everyone who's posted here.
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