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If This Is Exciting Enough To Write About, Imagine How Boring The Rest Of My Life Really Is



So, here I am 2 weeks past the self dx and 5 weeks gluten-free altogether. Still not feeling fabulous, but better. Have more energy and I attribute that to the B12 supplements. I've been actually getting up off my butt and doing stuff around the house the past few days. Its nice to be able to do that without having to stop and rest every 5-10 minutes. Also think my semi-annual house purge has been kicking in. Gotta get all the extraneous junque out of the house and get it thoroughly cleaned before winter gets here. Still want to get the shed cleaned out too, but that's probably going to require a dumpster.

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Mom stopped by yesterday and dropped off a ton of kitchen stuff. Yet another reason to purge and reorganize/clean the kitchen. I'm iffy about the used tupperware, but the new food processor and hand blender are definitely appreciated. Cleaned out the utensil drawer this morning. Its amazing what's accumulated in there! 3 different sets of beaters and only one mixer? :huh: And how in the everlovin' blue-eyed world did we end up with 6 potato peelers and 3 ice cream scoops???? Anyone need a corkscrew or a bottle opener? Those seem to have been breeding in there too.


My stomach's still funky from time to time with cramping and reflux. Thinking I'm probably getting CC'd, since hubby's still eating gluteny stuff. Then again, it could be the dairy. I've been having a little lately. Made a batch of chili and HAVE to have sour cream. Raw organic goat's milk yogurt just doesn't cut it on chili. Trust me on this. I haven't been taking some of my supplements on a regular basis because of the tummy problems. Been kinda achy too, but that could be from the additional activity lately, the rainy weather, or my D's low again/still. I don't want to start laying everything at gluten's doorstep.


Did a "no think" the other night. Was having a seriously bad case of the sugar fits (in spite of knowing sugar makes my legs ache... figured sometimes its worth the pain) and found some Reeses peanut butter cups stashed in the freezer. Jackpot!!! Scarfed those suckers down without batting a lip (or a brain cell). It was only after the carnage, while licking chocolate from my fingers, I realized "Hey! Peanuts!". *headsmack* Guess I don't have to go to the dr's office to do the peanut challenge after all.


Once the house purge is done, the next move is getting some sewing done. Really gotta do something about the fix/finish pile (my basket overfloweth) and need to get started on aprons, bags, and pillows to sell at the flea market in May.


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