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Grocery Shopping - The New Adventure



So here I am, spending most of tonight surfing the web and printing out gluten-free product lists, ingredients to watch out for, recipes, meal plans, etc.... Yeesh! I'm beginning to feel guilty about the number of trees that died in the name of "Safe Shopping" and the need to fill our bellies. Hope the 3-ring binder is going to be big enough.

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The last time I hit the grocery store, I was so overwhelmed. Hardly bought anything. Figured I'd go in prepared this time.


It seems like food and nutritional supplements have taken over my life! I know it takes awhile to adjust. I want to be adjusted already!!!!! Not well-adjusted, mind you. Nobody would recognize me if that happened. :P


I take over 35 supplement pills a day, broken down into 4 handfuls daily. I spend more time worrying about, preparing, and cleaning up after meals than I ever did when the kids were little. Even with the shortcuts I've figured out, its still a huge chunk of time. I don't really miss my old foods. I miss the convenience of my old foods. I really miss calling for take-out if I was too tired, too sick, or just didn't feel like cooking. Granted, that was maybe twice a month, if that, but still.... Now that its gone, I want it back!


I'm now thinking ahead to when I'm going to be away from home for 1-2 weeks at a time next year and wondering what in the world I'm going to eat. The annual camping trip doesn't bother me so much. We live out of a cooler for 2 weeks anyway and I can bring my own food. I've also found out there's a Celiac pot luck dinner there, so I'll eat well at least one night. What really worries me is the trip to the flea/antiques market in May. Safe food is hard to find at a flea market. And the only restaurant we pass (that's not a burger or pizza joint) between the market and the hotel is Boston Market. I'll eat there all week for dinner if I have to, but would really prefer a little more variety. Breakfast and lunch are going to be next to impossible, unless I bring a cooler and my own food.


Yeah, I'm a worry wart.


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