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My Symptoms- Could It Be Celiac

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Here is my story.

Overweight, family hx of colon cancer. I had a terrible flu in December and haven't been the same since.

I have been diagnosed with:




severe joint pain


Vitamin D defiency



I recently had a biopsy of my nodule on thryoid and it was benign. I had a colonscopy and endoscopy on Friday. I begged for the endoscopy since I constantly feel like something is in my throat and I have gas all the time. I fasted for a day for the colonscopy and felt great? I now have been off Gluten the entire week. I haven't had 80% of the joint pain I was experiencing at all.

I asked to be tested for celiac since my GP suggested it. The doctor and nurse looked at me like I was crazy since I am overweight.

Question, if I fasted would that affect biopsy results? He said he took several biopsies of my stomach and esophagus. He said they are inflammed. It just seems my entire body has inflammation- joints, stomach, esophagus, thryoid. Any relation or should I take a different route? My next appt if this goes nowhere is with a rheumatologist.


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This is really scary, but your case sounds almost identical to mine.

My main issues were arthritis and inflammation all over...especially the stomach, bowels, esophagus.

The way I found that I have celiac is just by the diet. I really got the run around from doctors and just gave up on all the meds and tests. I've never done the biopsy, I just know I have celiac by the diet because I'm 100% better.

For your question about the biopsy...It depends how long you fasted. Since gluten causes damage to the small intestine for a celiac, if you're not eating it, your intestines start to heal. If you feel completely healthy, I wouldn't do the biopsy since it takes a week or two to heal completely. Normally you have to be consuming gluten for 6-8 wks on a daily basis to get positive results if you do have celiac. Even then...the results could come back negative.

I would say that if the results come back negative you should still go gluten free. It has definitely worked for me...except for the GERD...I'm still working on that one

Hope everything works out for you :)

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Sounds to me that you just fasted for a few hours for your test. That won't be a problem. But the other poster is correct. Going gluten-free is a good trial for you. Your tests could prove negative that's not uncommon. You could still be gluten intolerant and no test will prove that. But a solid dietary response will. No matter your test results, give the diet a try.

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