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Possible Celiac Disease

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This is my first time posting I am currently waiting for an appointment time for a blood test.

I swell bad really bad after eating bread I put on 6 inches after eating 2 pieces, and I sometimes get stomach cramps along with it.

I am always low in iron, have been low in B12 and am allergic to eggs intolerant to milk, strawberries tomatoes and cocoa.

But only bloat after eating bread, and this is only 1 hour after eating, I end up feeling very tired and swollen I have stretch marks from bread but not pregnancy!

Is this a normal reaction to happen ?

Is it usually like this? I only have toilet problems with milk :unsure: .

Would a bread intolerance show up if not fully allergic ?

And either way if I am allergic or intolerant should I let my children eat gluten/wheat? :unsure:

Thank you all.

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I can't diagnose you but if you are gluten intolerant or have celiac, you should immediately have your children tested. If they are negative, you should let them eat wheat, IMO.


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