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  1. Hmm, looks somewhat like DH but if you think you've been pretty strict about your diet, it also could be something else. My psoriasis started after I went gluten-free. I also get little blisters like that on my hands (and nowhere else) occasionally but It is NOT DH. Anyway, a decent dermatologist...
  2. Wendy's fries are gluten-free but their fryers are not always dedicated. You have to ask. richard
  3. The formulation definitely changed between the two posts. richard
  4. I have never seen anybody else complain that Hormel pepperoni affects them. richard
  5. Pretty certain that Rissoteria in NYC does use dedicated ovens for their gluten-free pizza. I think. richard
  6. I have mild apnea but didn't develop it until after going gluten-free, so I see no connection in my case. I think we should be careful about trying to link everything to celiac. richard
  7. Unless somebody eating gluten was also using it, I'd keep looking for another source. I've been gluten-free for more than 10 years and never found a cream cheese with gluten. richard
  8. From a gluten perspective, Carl Buddig meats are all gluten-free and I've never heard of anybody having a problem. In fact, virtually every deli/lunch meat I'm aware of is gluten-free. Most cold cut brands have either no meat with gluten or perhaps one. richard
  9. Anybody who has a butcher who cuts the meat and then adds seasonings or blends to it on the same counter should consider looking for another store. Quite unsanitary and not the way it's done at my regular store. richard
  10. I';ve heard of even some not so sensitive people reacting to some Amy's products. richard
  11. I'm sorry, folks, but I mean, really? Don't we already have enough to fret about with celiac and CC and other food intolerances without bringing up some off-the-wall allergy? richard
  12. I'm going to have to agree that for virtually everyone with celiac, distilled vinegars and canola on a grill is just not something to worry about. I would use the grill -- and I did use our grill -- after a cleaning. richard
  13. Bottom line on your main question is that nobody can tell you how long it will take your system to "clear" if you have celiac or gluten intolerance. It IS safe to say that two weeks is not long enough for anybody, and it's also safe to say that in two weeks you haven't completely learned the diet...