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  1. well my friends are really cool about it...my first boyfriend was so cute... like when we went to LifeLight(a christian music festival) the whole time they kept buying me icys and other icecream type foods they know i could have...and he was so sweet...we are kinda an on again off again type couple...im back together with him now and hes really cool about the whole non-breads thing. he like remembers it...which is SO CUTE!! i hope you guyz get to know someone like him!! well anytime anyone wants to chat im here 24/7 @ hunterhalverson@hotmail.com LYL HuNtEr RoChElLe
  2. i'm still super skinny...it's something we have to deal with. it's depressing enough to not eat like your friends...but when i was in 3rd grade boys made fun of my food. that's NOT nice. and so of course you get depressed every now and then. but you gotta handle yourself...sometimes i think it's either my genetics or somthin but i will be really hyper 1 second. and really depressed the next. and i always have done that my parents think it's genetics but i think it's this stupid food disorder! are you guys all with me that it really sucks to have this disease? i HATE it! i have had it since i was two. i dunno alot of stuff about it yet really i mean i do...but..well i dont wanna like find the cure for it or somthing. they are supposed to be comming out with a pill 4 us(but it's gotta take forever) and i got my handbook thing now so i'm excited!! because it tells me all these foods i can have and stuff. so tell me if you are wondering on anything cuz i can look it up. if you need to know right now! i'm always available on my cell...just say it's a fellow celiac and wanted to know about something i would be glad to elp 2019201
  3. sounds like he's jellious lol well i think that's awesome that you can still do everything the same as if you didnt eat different than "normal" people. those people can be really mean. how many camps do you go to? it seems like you are always talking about 1. but i hope you get that little 180 with the kicky thing in cuz that sounds like it's hard to do...lol if you didnt notice i dont skate that much.(hardly ever) so is it snowing where you live anyone? it is here in sufu, sd me and my stupid lingo. it's siouxfalls, southdakota(just to let you know) (i'm a ninja!)
  4. The Final Decision Test after test, Day after day, We must do our best, To stay out of the way. I
  5. New!

    OMG! i just got a new CSA book...WE CAN HAVE CONVERSATION HEARTS 4 valentines day! i'm so excited...it has alot of good stuff! so you can like totally ask me now if somthing is gluten free...cuz i got a book!! EXCITING!! I KNOW!! well i also got 2 cook books....EXCITING!! WWAAAHHHOOOOO!!!! lol i'm really hyper now from christmas!!...and chocolate... I LOVE YOU ALL(idk it might be the chocolate talking...lol) <3HunterRochelle<3
  6. i understand what you guyz are saying but it's not an "alergy" it's a disease...and this guy at my school ALWAYS askes about it...and i'm like...you know what...u r SO STUPID...stop the stupid questions...b/c i had explained to him that i wouldnt die from this "disease" but i cant have it...then i told him i use rice flour...now every time we make somthin in foods class...he's like "so you can only have RICE pankaces?" or "so you can only have RICE pie?" and i was like "yes...sure" b/c i didnt really care...but he SERIOUSLY got on my nerves...so i told him that his "rice pie" question was the stupidest question i had EVER HEARD...and he hasnt asked about it since...but he thinks he's all cool and stuff...but i know he's not...and so he hates me 4 that too...so celiac disease is also a social disease i would say too...if you guyz agree or whatever tell me... aim-spongebobfan8888 e-mail-hunterhalverson@hotmail.com thanx. HunterRochelle
  7. i have aim and i have an e-mail i wanna talk to more people like me...i'm a 13 yearold girl from sioux falls south dakota...usa... lol ok well i'm am a fellow celiac disease so feel free to ask questions... my aim is- spongebobfan8888 e-mail is - hunterhalverson@hotmail.com thanx...if you could tell me yours and talk to be..that would be great... Hunter
  8. hey you guyz..well i am a 13(almost 14) year old girl...and have had celiac disease since i was about 2 so i wanna meet more people like me... please e-mail or aim me aim-spongebobfan888 e-mail-hunterhalverson@hotmail.com just tell me your name and where you live...and that you are from here(or just say you have celiac disease too) lol and i will talk to you thanx, Hunter
  9. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go...but i live in SOUTH DAKOTA...i would love to find a way there though...tell me how fun it is!! e-mail me @ hunterhalverson@hotmail.com or aim- spongebobfan8888 thanx, Hunter
  10. i have never gotten sick from putting on ANY of my like 20 different lipglosses/lipsticks...i dont think it has gluten...but i have never gotten sick from any of them..i would love to help you out with any other questions e-mail me at hunterhalverson@hotmail.com or aim- spongebobfan8888 thanx, Hunter
  11. ya i'm a 13(almost14) year old girl...mine is- spongebobfan8888 i would love to talk with you...just give me your name age...where you live...and say u found me on here i also have an e-mail hunterhalverson@hotmail.com thanx, Hunter
  12. hey i agree...that kraft are gluten free...i would love to show you the ropes on eating right...if i can help tell me...i know how hard it is for girls like us...but the "wheat starch" is a definate NO i'm sorry i will love to answer all of your questions if you e-mail me at hunterhalverson@hotmail.com thanx tonz, Hunter
  13. Hey you guyz...i'm 13 (almost 14) so e-mail me b/c i have been a celiac since i was 2...its very hard for a girl to just NOT eat certain foods i think...but i have had expireance with feeling SUPER sick if i did eat it...so i would like to meet more people like me... Thanx tonz... Hunter P.S.e-mail is: hunterhalverson@hotmail.com
  14. HI all of you...i am 13 years old(going on 14) and i have celiac..i have had it since i was almost 2 i have learned...that if i eat gluten...i get really sick...so i just learned not to...and being a girl with this eating disorder isnt the best feeling in the world...well any of you guyz have questions e-mail me @ hunterhalverson@hotmail.com i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to answer u'r questions...i REALLY want to go to 1 of those walk/runs...but they are way far away from me...if i could get a group started...even to just meet like once a year...it would be SO MUCH FUN! i really know only like three other people who have what i have...so i REALLY want to meet more people... Hope i can help!, Hunter
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