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  1. The problem is a lot worse on most other boards. This kind of thing happens, particularly as boards become more popular and get more traffic. Obviously the spammers want to get their message out to a larger audience, so we become a bigger target. That said, the moderation team here is usually pretty quick to respond to this sort of thing. The numerous spam topics that were posted this morning were removed in about 20 minutes.
  2. "Mysuicidalturtle" (Kristina) lives in Georgia.
  3. Kristina, thanks for making such a detailed post about where/what you ate. I'm sure it will be useful for other people planning on traveling to Spain. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Let's catch up soon....
  4. I've been away for a long time, but I saw what was going on in this post. Having been here since 2004 (i.e., I'm familiar with the board and also how confrontations like this brew), I feel compelled to interject: The root of the conflict is not the difference in your opinions, but how they are expressed. I have had many differences of opinion with members here-- are products made on non-dedicated lines to be considered safe, are McDonald's fries safe, how much is too much when it comes to cross-contamination, where do you draw the line between careful and over the top, and on and on. At the same time, I don't believe I've had any of these discussions escalate into anything more than differences of opinion. Particularly on online forums where you don't really know people and your words are all people have to judge you, the tone of your posts becomes important. I think the reason this discussion got so out of hand is because of the way things were said. Using the term "housewife" with a derogatory inference is clearly going to lead to conflict. Calling someone "paranoid" will have the same effect. To use the "paranoia" claim as an example: I'm not particularly concerned over wheteher shampoo or soap has gluten in it. It has never caused any issues with me and since I don't ingest shampoo, let alone in the necessarily quantities to lead to villous atrophy, I'm not concerned about it. I'm sure I could have posted that without getting into a big altercation--basically because of how I would say it. When you use the word "paranoid," you're not only disagreeing with them, but you're personally attacking them. If you call someone a "housewife," you're unnecessarily labeling them in a way that is bound to offend. Just say things differently with a more conscientious look at how people will react to your posts, and this won't be an issue. I've missed out on so much!
  5. Obviously the Rangers , provided that the officiating discriminating against every team that plays Buffalo (NYR, Islanders, etc.) doesn't continue
  6. Happy belated birthday!!
  7. I've never eaten at the restaurant you mentioned, but I think 3 years of this diet have given me a different perspective than I once had and maybe a different one from yours. I know that everyone says verify everything and of course that's good advice--better to be overly paranoid than too loose about the diet. That said, as Richard (lovegrov) has told people quite often on this forum (and I didn't see his perspective until somewhat recently), there are certain foods that are just universally gluten-free. I have never seen a ketchup that was not gluten-free. Of course it's good to be careful, but don't limit your options even more by worrying about things that are far less of a concern. I'd be a million times more concerned that they contaminated the burger than that they put wheat in the ketchup. In that case, you can still eat at restaurants like the one you went to. Or just go on a date that won't revolve around food.
  8. hi hows it goin???

    luv ya!! i dont even know who you are!! so whats up?

  9. I'm 16 and male. To be honest, your chances of meeting a celiac in the same general area, who is also your age and male is pretty slim. I'd suggest that you just avoid restaurants (at least at first). Try the movies or something less food-oriented.... I only eat out with good friends.
  10. This might help a little, if you haven't already looked it up: http://www.symantec.com/security_response/...-081611-4121-99 It also has removal instructions so you can do it manually if you can't catch it via some anti-virus program (see the "tabs" at the top where it says summary and click removal instructions or something like that).
  11. I see... if it's supposedly adware, then they could be misinterpreting a cookie, perhaps? But that wouldn't be a big deal at all; after all, I guarantee you you could visit the 10 most legitimate sites you can think of and end up with SOMETHING... that they consider a tracking cookie... they're not very malicious, though, and they would never change your search results. Could you tell us what search engine they're redirecting you to? Many years ago, before I got smart on security, I had some issues with a "WhenUSearch" search toolbar... if we knew the culprit we might be able to help.
  12. There's no way you're getting a virus from this site. I use various virus scans, firewall, and spyware protection... and none of those have ever complained about the board. Not to mention it would be terrible for Scott being that he actually has a business behind the board and site. So it's either that it's a virus from elsewhere that somehow masks itself as being from here, or more likely, it's just a harmless cookie from saving your login information here, which shouldn't show up as a virus.... I have no idea why that would happen, but it's definitely not from this site. To echo the others, what anti-virus software? --------- As for getting rid of any virus, if your current program isn't working, try a few others. AVG is the best _free_ one available for starters.
  13. WOAH!!! Eesha! I didn't know you were on these boards! How was it? And that would be a good topic for an article for the next issue of the newsletter.
  14. Just one suggestion: I don't know if I'd call it "Celiac disease." Yes, I know it's counter-intuitive to the whole point of raising awareness, and I know I'll probably get a flood of replies on how if they really like you they won't care, but that's not the point. I just think the word "disease" scares people a little. I prefer to explain it as being like a food allergy, just because people know about food allergies and the way you need to deal with them is very similar to how you deal with celiac disease. If they know what Celiac actually is, they'll see right through your simplified explanation: a few people (just friends, not dates) have known someone who has celiac disease and talking about an allergy to wheat, rye, etc. will them to say "Oh, allergic to gluten? My [insert relative or friend here] has that. What's it called again?" Even explaining the dietary restrictions as a food allergy, I've been asked if it's contagious through kissing--throw out the word disease and you might scare them, even if they're well-intentioned. For external purposes, it's basically like a food allergy--why use words that have the connotation of being contagious or too serious. Also, even if it seems uncomfortable ordering differently, they want to help you out and it doesn't have to be a big deal.
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