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  1. hi hows it goin???

    luv ya!! i dont even know who you are!! so whats up?

  2. The Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University proudly announces the Teen Workshop Series. Beginning this spring, the center will hold three seasonal, educational and interactive workshops geared...
  3. Ha . No problem Actually, I have another suggestion about font sizes if you have trouble reading the actual posts, or any other signatures. For those who use Mozilla Firefox, if you ever run across a site with font too small (or a forum page), hold ctrl and press the + button. It makes...
  4. Argh... now I need to find a new frosting (other than the Duncan Hines homestyle).
  5. If it meets the CODEX standard, but contains wheat, it's probably "WHEAT STARCH," which is considered gluten-free in Europe.
  6. People with lactose intolerance can tolerate some forms easier than others (i.e. some ice cream might be bad, but something else might not). But spelt still contains gluten--and it doesn't matter what type of gluten it is, it will still result in villous atrophy. Look at the second point in this...
  7. ABSOLUTELY NOT GLUTEN-FREE Spelt is a form of wheat, and despite what any health food store employees will say (MANY are misguided on this), it is wheat and therefore, not gluten-free. Even look it up in the dictionary and you'll see it, for example m-w.com (Merriam Webster's): spelt 2...
  8. celiac3270


    Yes, it seems like this blog thing has really slowed down.
  9. celiac3270

    Phone Company Morons

    Wow...that's crazy. Cell phone people are REALLY, REALLY stupid. My family has had similar issues with the cable people and the internet people--really bad...and some of them hardly speak English
  10. celiac3270

    Celiac Links

    Not at all...actually, thanks for commenting on all three!
  11. Absolutely gluten-free--maybe they said that it wasn't since some people have non-celiac related gastrointestinal symptoms from the artificial sweetener used in it. Celiachap -- that OJ is gluten-free.
  12. That much gluten cannot harm us--which means we can drink anything Coke makes, basically. Yes--this is the original Tropicana OJ...nothing added, no diet, no special flavors. It fits the quota with plant numbers and I've felt fine. Sorry, can't get to the ingredients for the calcium--my connection...
  13. I had been drinking the OJ w/ calcium for my first few months before finding out about this plant thing. Those numbers are not on it, though I can't imagine it having gluten. Just to be safe, I did without. I now drink just the regular/original 100% orange juice.
  14. The original Fritos are made on dedicated lines, so you shouldn't get a gluten reaction from them.
  15. I'm not vegan, so I'm not going to be able to help you much on this, but I just want to say that health-wise it is very important that you get enough protein. Fat insulates and helps with nerve signals, carbs are the only thing your brain will use for energy (that's what's wrong with the low-carb...