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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. well just act normal and dont let it hold you back. thats what i do, oh i just broke my pinky finger the other day i...
  3. I've used almond milk and coconut milk for making puddings. I am gluten free/dairy free/soy-protein free... Anyhow...
  4. well i think if its sounds good to skate to its good and there is alot of stuff under that genre
  5. i dont really care that much anymore but that used to piss me off to but now i piss them off by pulling off tricks...
  6. more like a trey flip

  7. Yeah i would probibly do any board sport depending on where i live. I getting pretty mad because im breaking so many...
  8. When ever i go to freinds parties its not really a proplem i just eat what i can eat. Most of the time i just skate...
  9. hi im stephanie. im a total skater punk and whoa is that a kickflip???

  10. Hanging out with freinds is a big one for me.
  11. I dotn know any celiac people exept my moms freinds but i dont really get along with them that good.
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