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Absolutely gluten-free--maybe they said that it wasn't since some people have non-celiac related gastrointestinal symptoms from the artificial sweetener used in it.

Celiachap -- that OJ is gluten-free.

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I was hunting for the cause of a hard glutening and it led me to question Tropicana OJ's status.

I tested it for the presence of Gluten using EZ-Gluten (www.elisa-tek.com), and it came up negative.

My sample came from factory code 48 (as indicated by the first two digits following the expiration date).

Alas, my search continues.

Test Details: Control Line was present, hook line was present


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This is a really old thread. Comments from manufacturers may no longer be valid.

"But then, in all honesty, if scientists don't play god, who will?"

- James Watson

My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating.

- Ashleigh Brilliant

Leap, and the net will appear.

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*SOBS* I was planing to start getting these again now that we know its only gluten at falut. I LOVE Tropicana twisters and etc. *sobs*

I'm sure there's a way to make orange juice without putting flour in it.

That sounds simple and ignorant, but come on......

It's like these companies are playing cat and mouse with us and it just pisses me off. I have no respect for these companies, like Chex cereals


Write to them or call them, and they're like, hum, huh, well, hum,

just ridiculous to play with people like this. There oughta be a law against it and there probably is.

It was one mom who started MADD, right? Maybe I will be the mom to start GHAG (pronounced gag)Get Honest About Gluten.

Be kind to each person that you meet, for everyone is fighting a great battle

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This thread is from 2005!!!! We need to be careful about what type of information that we stir up because it might not be valid anymore. For example, on a thread from last May it states:

"Per email: "We're happy to tell you-- all Tropicana products that are 100% juice are gluten free. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that gluten is not present in products that are less than 100% juice.

You can easily determine if a Tropicana product is 100% juice by looking for the Nutrition Facts Panel on the package; the percentage of juice is located just above that panel." Michael, Tropicana Consumer Response"

I've never gotten a hum, uh, hum, response when I've called asking about Chex...when I called, they actually were quite knowledgeable about what constitutes gluten free.

I've learned that its important on this site to look at dates and do your own reseach...not all information is correcT!

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On 7/12/2005 at 3:25 PM, bean said:

Here is my reply from Tropicana:


Hello Michelle:


Thank you for contacting us about Tropicana products.


We recognize that it is important to provide consumers with information so that they can make informed choices about the products they purchase. We are currently in the process of evaluating all of our products for the presence of the top eight allergens. At this time, we can not recommend products that list natural flavors or any other additives in the ingredient listing for people who are gluten intolerant.


Tropicana Pure Premium juices are the only juices that do not contain gluten. However, these Pure Premium juices (without any additives) are ones that include the plant numbers 48, 12 or 33. Plant information is located in the expiration code and can found following the month and day.


We hope this information is helpful.





Hello. I have Celiac Disease and am unable to tolerate gluten (found in wheat, rye, barley and oats). I noticed that you have "modified food starch" on your ingredients list. Can you tell me the source? Are your drinks gluten-free?



- Michelle



Well, now I know why I've been so down the past few days. There modified food starch *does* contain gluten! I've been drinking it every day :( :(:(


We bought the orange juice last week and I finished it off this morning - right before I got the email :( Usually I buy the Minute Maid but bought the Tropicana without thinking :( I saw "modified food starch" on the label last week but kept drinking it (because I'm an idiot) and assumed it was safe - just thought I'd send them an email to be sure.


I wonder how far this has set me back..? :( Poor little villi! I probably flattened them out again :(


- Michelle :(

Has anyone reached out to Tropicana recently to find out if this is still the case?

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