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Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Forums in this area deal with how to live life on a gluten-free diet.


  1. Gluten-Free Foods, Products, Shopping & Medications

    Share info on about GF products, medications, cosmetics, etc., or warn others about dangerous ones. Which ingredients are safe and which are not? Food labeling issues and legislation.

  2. Gluten-Free Recipes & Cooking Tips

    Share your favorite recipes and cooking / baking techniques with others.

  3. Gluten-Free Restaurants

    Looking for a safe place to eat? Know of a great GF restaurant? Share it!

  4. Traveling with Celiac Disease

    There are many things you need to know before travelling. Post your favorite GF vacation stories here.

  5. Sports and Fitness

    Athletes discuss fitness, sports nutrition, working out, etc.


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  • Forum Discussions

    Hi everyone, since I really don't have much experience identifying gluten in medicine yet, I really need your help here, I'm gonna start taking famotidine, I contacted the pharmacy that manufactures it (Alembic) and they emailed me back this: "Thank you for your call and inquiry about Famotidine Tablet received at Alembic  Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Each famotidine tablet contains 20 mg of Famotidine and...
    Have you been tested for Celiac disease, or do you know you have wheat sensitivity? A lot of people with Celiac disease feel like they have difficulty concentrating or anxiety after eating wheat. These symptoms go away though on a gluten free diet. If someone has many years of brain damage from untreated celiac disease (say for example gluten ataxia), that may take a long time to improve, or ...
    JoelW1lls, have you been diagnosed with celiac disease or at this point are you wondering if you have it because of the symptoms you experienced after eating something with gluten?