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Rising Ttg Iga Levels Mean Anything

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I'm currently waiting to see a gastroenterologist (first appointment on March 4) but had a question about the TTG test. I was tested in June of last year because I have Type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism so it was more of a screening process than anything else, no obvious symptoms at this time. My TTG IgA level was 0.2, reference range 0-10. I was retested in October because I had been having symptoms for almost two months that were indicative of celiac disease. My TTG IgA was 2.2 at that point, still normal according to the lab. The lab did not run any other celiac-related tests and I chose not to pursue further bloodwork since it isn't covered by OHIP in Ontario and I'm going to see a gastro anyway.

My question is, does it mean something that my levels jumped between the first and second tests? I know the numbers are still normal but I think it is odd that my antibodies would go from almost zero to 2.2 at the same time that I start getting symptoms. I'm more curious than anything else since I need to continue eating gluten anyway in case my gastro wants to do a biopsy.

Thanks for your opinions.

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I would not worry about it. 2.2 is far from the upper reference limit of 10. Most doctors would not consider it significant. But there's nothing wrong with repeating the blood work periodically along with you diabetes monitoring. If your tTG continues to rise significantly then your doctor may choose to take action.

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