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  1. Hi everyone, I have not posted in quite awhile, but I thought I'd share that I found gluten free cheese ravioli next...
  2. I've tried a couple of her recipes that I have come across on different gluten-free blogs. Her cheese cracker and cinnamon...
  3. Where can I find these delicious crusts?
  4. I have studied celiac disease, and I want to share this article with you. The only thing that it does not cover is how...
  5. I have not posted in a long time, but I thought that I would come here to share my recent experience. My son was diagnosed...
  6. JennyC

    Gluten-Free Elephant Ears?

    We use pie crust and sprinkle it generously with cinnamon and sugar. It's surprising how much it takes! It's not...
  7. JennyC

    Sorry . . . Diaper Question!

    Add me to the list! My son's diapers were like that before he was diagnosed with celiac disease and placed on a gluten...
  8. JennyC

    Donating Blood/Plasma?

    Yes, you can donate blood products. It's a great thing to do for others.
  9. JennyC

    Vitamin D Deficiency

    I just thought that I'd add that vitamin D deficiency is very common. I work in a hospital laboratory and nearly every...
  10. Dr. Terry is great! She's also recommended by GIG. If you think something else is going on with your kiddo, try going...
  11. Doernbecher Children's Hospital has some great doctors. This is my son's pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. Terry:...
  12. Bob's Red Mill gluten free oats are grown separate from wheat, processed by wheat-free equipment on the field, transported...
  13. 1. Would an Ig A deficiency cause me to not react on an allergy panel, or to have a delayed reaction to the testing...
  14. The tests that were run were for tissue transglutaminase antibodies, for both IgG and IgA antibody classes. Both of...