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  1. Wellshire Kids Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and Wellshire corn dogs were glutening my son. He had sporadic D and I could never figure out why, and his tTG entered the upper limit of the normal reference range. It was not until there was a Chicago Tribune article about this company posted here...
  2. If you call Starbucks corporation they are knowledgeable. Don't quote me on this, as I have not talked to them in a while, but they do not consider the vanilla frap to be gluten free because the vanilla powder may be cross contaminated with gluten. This is also true for the vanilla powder in the...
  3. I second that! We have lots of restaurants and shopping available. I have three gluten free pizza places within a 10 minute drive from my house! The best part is that in Vancouver Washington there is a little store that is entirely gluten free!
  4. They may have given me inaccurate information. I have not had a chance to check with the USDA directly. I was also told by Wellshire that they had not produced those chicken nuggets since June 2008 and they are moving facilities. They will still produce their product on shared lines, but they...
  5. Regarding the 200 ppm topic... When I contacted Willshire Farms about the gluten in their dino chicken nuggets and corndogs, they told me that when they batch tested the level of gluten in their products never exceeded the USDA limit, which is 200 ppm. When their food was tasted by an outside...
  6. Thanks, but I need to buy three pounds of chocolate. I'm making truffles as gifts. I buy See's chocolate candies, but I've never thought of them for chocolate for baking.
  7. I called Ghirardelli today because I have read a couple of different places that they now produce a crispy milk chocolate bar (with barley ) on the same lines as their bar chocolates. I'm sad to say that it is true. All of their bar chocolate can possibly get cross contaminated. They do clean...
  8. I use almond meal. I buy Bob's Red Mill, but you could also ground your own.
  9. Safeway and Kroger/Fred Meyer brand condensed chicken and rice soups are gluten free. I also like to eat Chebe frozen bread sticks, Health Valley Crunch-ems and animal crackers. I hope you feel better.
  10. For a while my son was having some "bathroom issues" and I was racking my brain for any possible causes. I was concerned about the scents and additives containing gluten. It's not THAT strange. Others recently posted that Palmolive won't confirm or deny gluten in their products.
  11. I would avoid buying their brand of products. My son's babysitter uses their dish soap and when I called them to find out if it's gluten free they told me I would need the UPC code or at least the location and date of purchase. They recommended that I call about each item every time. They also...
  12. Celiac reactions do not activate the IgE and mast cell pathway that is common in allergies. It is an autoimmune reaction involving T-cells and cytokine release. No histamine is involved and Benadryl is an antihistamine. It would be helpful if you have a true allergy though. This article explains...
  13. I actually changed the recipe a lot to get it to work for me. I reduced the liquid to 2/3 cup. I also had trouble with it rising, so I increased the yeast to 3 tsp and instead of honey I add 3 TBSP sugar. For the bean flour I used sorghum flour and I used a mix of sorghum, rice and amaranth for...
  14. We use Lactaid all the time. My son does have D some times that I could not explain. On the other hand, my son does eat quite a bit of processed foods. What am I supposed to do? Never give my son dairy? He eats dairy very often and he absolutely loves it. Yogurt and cheese are some of the few...