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Gluten Challenge Help And Dna Test Question

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Oh thank goodnes for this forum! I am lost and need some direction please!

I finally found a doctor who seems to know what celiac disease is. Thank goodness. I'm still not sure I have it but want to find out for sure. I have long been avoiding all food with gluten and lactose so he says I need to take the gluten challenge so we can test for it. To help ease any discomfort that eating gluten again may cause, and to ease the pain in case it isn't celiac disease and its IBS, he gave me Apriso medication to take once daily (only 0.375g dose).


1) does anyone have an opinion on this medication?

2) how do I find a list of high gluten foods so I can consume enough each day while on the test without having to chew bread all day long? whats the biggest bang for my buck with total health in mind. I'm trying to manage my weight so not trying to tip the scale while doing this.

3) do you think I should take the DNA test and how does that work? Can that test rule out celiac disease for sure? Feels like that might be easier to do but the doc says it only tells you your liklihood of having celiac disease but can't tell you anything definite.


Thanks to anyone who can give me some guidance! Much appreciated!!!!

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Doctor is right, the DQ test is mostly about risk.

Do any of your family have celiac? That is the highest risk, next is having a postive test for DQ2 or 8.

I baked bread with added wheat gluten to increase the gluten content.

If you read the protein content of flour and bread, you can assume that 90% is gluten. So there is no food higher i gluten than bread or items baked with wheat flour, and the bread that risis highest I guess has most gluten, but then you must eat more slices since it is so light...you just have to weigh some samples and figure out how much gluten is in each type of bread.

Pasta has lots of gluten too.

I actually got more hungry the more bread etc I ate...but I did not feel too bad. My insides felt a bit like there was some barb wire but not too bad. Others have pains all the time.

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Before I knew I was gluten intolerant I had to quit eating pasta because of the digestive problems I had with it. I did not have these problems with bread at the time. I think perhaps the gluten might be denser in pasta than in bread. Just one opinion. I used to note all the athletes who did carb loading before a race with pasta, and thought, how could they compete after that?? :P

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