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Gluten Challenge - Have You Done It? Need Advice!

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Anyone out there done the gluten challenge? The doc says I need to add gluten back into my diet on a daily basis for 4-8 weeks so that I can have tests done to prove I have celiac. I've been mostly off of gluten for some time so my body needs it reintroduced in order to have the tests show positive. Has anyone out there done this? How did it go? Was it worth it? Did your tests come back positive or was it a waste of time and sick days/nights on your body? Any advice on the best foods to eat so I don't gain a gazillion pounds? I'm currently 8 lbs away from my goal weight on weight watchers and don't want to blow it! Share your experience and/or thoughts please!


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I will be interested in reading what you hear back. I can't offer anything except that my daughter is facing the same dilemma. I am lab & endoscope diagnosed celiac. My uncle is as well. My husband's sister is diagnosed, not sure the method(s). My daughter gets very ill eating gluten and we removed it from her diet about a year ago. Now in order to get a verified diagnosis, she will have to go back to being sick while eating gluten for two months. She is a 16 year old college freshman planning to take classes through summer quarter too so she doesn't have two months of the year to go through that.

With celiac on both sides of my daughter's family tree, I am certain she is celiac, not "just" gluten intolerant, but to be diagnosed and counted, she needs tested. I wish there was another way to diagnose celiac.


Western Washington State

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