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Celiac Disease?

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Hey everyone,

I know that I have posted a while ago, but I was just wondering people opinions. I used to have a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms of off and on diarrhea and constipation and abdominal pain. It started about four years ago. I still have the gastrointestinal to this day. I had an endoscopy and colonscopy back then, and the GI doctor saw that my small intestine was inflamed. He thought I could have celiac, and then the biopsy came back negative. They diagnosed me with IBS Then I developed a swollen knee, a year later. They thought I had a tear in my meniscus and a discoid lateral meniscus. After surgery, I found out that I could have rheumatoid arthritis. So after seeing two rheumatologists, they believed I had an inflammatory arthritis and fibromyalgia. Then, I developed a new symptom of urinary urgency. I always felt like I had to go but it was not always real. I got referred to a neurologist, and they thought it could be MS. I never got the MRI though. They thought the urinary urgency could be pelvic floor dysfunction or just was making it up. I can't take it. I feel as though I am trapped in my body and can't travel. So after all this, I still have not gotten a diagnosis, but in thinking back through everything..my rheumatologist thought that I should get another endoscopy just to make sure everything went right for the first..and that it couldn't be celiac. Is there any possibility this all could be caused by celiac? Is it possible to get a false negative biopsy. Do you think it would be smart to get tested again? Or should I just go on a gluten free diet and find out? I know it will be hard, but if it can help anything I would do it. I just would also like to be formally diagnosed. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Yes, you can have a false negative biopsy. Or a false negative blood test. Also you need to stay on gluten for the tests to have a chance of detecting celiac. It is also possible you have gluten intolerance. Either way you would need to be gluten free for life.

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