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Advice On Which Tests To Have

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Hi all,

I just got the results for my "celiac panel." The only tests on the panel were tTG IgA and tTG IgG, and I was within normal levels for each (<1.2 with a ref. range of <4.0 for IgA and <1.2 with a ref. range of <6.0 for IgG). I also had a food allergy panel and had no significant IgE wheat response or other allergies.

I am a 22 year-old white female. I was in good health until age 19. I was diagnosed with depression and ADHD at age 20 (nobody ever suspected I had ADHD as a child.) My other symptoms include: frequent diarrhea and bloating, occasional migraines, very poor circulation, always feeling cold, constant exhaustion, mild lactose intolerance, and sores and thrush on my tongue.

If I am indeed a celiac, is it possible that I'm too "young" to show high tTG levels because my symptoms only manifested two years ago?

Is it worth it for me to get the endomysial antibody or genetic marker testing?

If I do an experimental gluten free period, do I need to eliminate all trace amounts (i.e. food contaminated on preparation surfaces) to notice a change in my symptoms or will I see a difference from simply avoiding foods with gluten in the ingredients?

Any advice would be appreciated. I was so disappointed when my tests came back negative, because Celiac Disease would explain EVERYTHING.

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you might call Great Plains Lab and ask what tests to have for celiac.

ask your doc but i would do a complete blood panel to see about nutritional deficiencies like iron poor blood, potassium, B12 etc. if you do that you could also ask for the fat-soluble vitamins since some celiacs are low in those. or better yet if you have a more naturopathicly minded doc, a nutritional analysis of the whole blood cell through spectracell or some lab like that.

also it's great that you dont have any IgE mediated allergies. have you also thought about IgG mediated intolerances? elimination diets are best for figuring out intolerances, but a good igG assay would give you a snapshot of what your blood is reacting to at the moment. a good lab for that is immunolabs, in my opinion.

there is also a test for the gliadin antibodies that some celiacs have periodically to make sure they're not ingesting gluten without knowing it. i am so sorry but i dont know the name of that one.

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Sorry I can't give any advice. But I am in the exact same boat as you are. Like the exact same. I am also 22 and have all the symptoms you have, well not ADHD and Depression. But I have all the other ones. I think it is funny we are both 22 and have the same situation. I just got my test's back today and it said I was normal, but we know our won bodies and I do not feel good. I just had a sandwich and I feel horrible. Next Friday I am going to have an endoscopy so hopefully they will see something. I just want to figure out what is wrong with me. Well I hope you will figure out your diagnosis. Take care.

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