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Endoscopy - Picking A Doctor

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Planning on having the endoscopy in a few months after I have finished the gluten challenge. I am hearing from other posts that many doctors may not do the endoscopy properly and therefore can get false negatives. How do I know my doctor is going to do it properly? Will he get a big enough sample of tissue, etc...?

Doctors I am considering are:

Dr. Jeffery Aron (SF, CA)

Dr. Gary Grey (Stanford, CA)

Any knowledge you can share with me on this?


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I would call your local Celiac Society and ask for recommendations. Also, check out the Doctors thread here on the forum. Someone else may have asked this question for the Bay Area, or in the Cut the Chase thread may have recommended someone. Or you could pose your question in that thread under the title "Looking for Knowledgeable Celiac GI in Bay Area" or however you want to define your question.

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