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Gluten Free Trial?

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Hello. I am new here. I've been fighting GI symptoms for about 9 months and after trying to solve the problem myself, to no avail, I've gone to see a doctor. My diet has been minimal, protein drinks and bars, a frozen meal, and the like. It has seemed so hit and miss with no rhyme or reason. I'm frustrated and tired. A friend suggested gluten intolerance so, here I am. At this point, I just want it to be SOMETHING!!! Just give me a direction, some potential way to fix it, you know? I've come to hate eating, it makes me hurt. Unfortunately, not eating doesn't feel so good either. My primary care manager has referred me to a GI specialist but I can't see him till March 18. My friend suggested I go gluten free for a week. Will that short amount of time throw off the testing if the doctor decides to go that route? Since I'm at the beginning stages with the doctors, I don't know when or if he will consider it. But this is miserable. I've been reading some of the other posts and the idea of having to fill up on gluten, if indeed that is causing my problems (which would make it worse) is awful. More often than not, I skip meals rather than risk eating something that could cause trouble (and till now I've had no clue).

Please don't be offended if I've said something wrong. I'm not wanting to have ANY problem and gotta tell you that the idea of living gluten free sounds daunting and not much fun! But the way I'm living now isn't fun either. I'd gone about three days with no gluten and tonight had a small amount of pasta and BOOM! It is maddening!

Thanks for reading.


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If you are going to pursue testing, you need to stay on a gluten filled diet. OR you can do a strict gluten free trial.

It's up to you, some people need a firm diagnosis in order to stick to the diet.

BTW, it's not that bad. Once you realize that eating gluten is like eating poison, it's really easy to stick to it! :P

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