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  1. RAndom and different every time. Sometimes it's just stabbing pain in the intestinal area. Sometimes D and vomitting...
  2. Wolicki


    I go to Azteca every once in a while. Here in the OC, the food is quite good. I haven't gotten glutened, nor has my...
  3. Unfortunately, intolerance testing is sketchy. Most of us figured it out the old fashioned way: a very strict elimination...
  4. Wolicki

    Glutened Recovery Time

    I had a bad glutening 2 weeks ago. It was a solid 9 days until I felt human again I did not intentionally eat gluten...
  5. Wolicki

    To Dye Or Not To Dye

    I think you should do whatever YOU want to do, what makes you happy. I am one who always said I would grow old gracefully...
  6. Wolicki

    Going To Disneyland In March--Where Do We Eat?

    Disneyland is the best! There are tons of places to eat safely. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza pasta, and my personal...
  7. Wolicki

    Night Sweats?

    I used to have terrible night sweats and hot flashes during the day. Since I went gluten free, it's never happened again...
  8. 7 months. But it still gurgles like crazy if I eat grains. I learned even gluten free grains are not my friend. My...
  9. I am not sure what caused mine, but I suspect it was celiac. I suffered with this for about a year. Once I went gluten...
  10. Is she eating school lunches? If so, that is likely the problem. IMHO, there's no way a school cafeteria can be free...
  11. Wolicki


    I was sadly diagnosed with lupus (wrongly) for over 10 years and took some really nasty drugs. When we finally figured...
  12. Wolicki

    Suggestions On How To Get 5 Year Old gluten-free?

    I have a different opinion. I was diagnosed in 2008. Then the lights went on and I realized my son probably has it...
  13. Wow, maybe I should just get drunk I have some red wine I've been meaning to open. I will try that, the yoga and the...
  14. Before I was diagnosed at age 42, I had awful, awful hot flashes. My doc wanted to put me on estrogen. I read the warning...
  15. Hey All, I had a bad glutening on Tuesday For the past two days, I've had terrible gas pain and pressure that migrates...