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  1. Limencello of all kinds should be gluten free. It's made of Lemon rinds, simple syrup (sugar and water) and vodka and Everclear (180 proof plain grain alcohol) The alcohol is safe for Celiacs because it is heated at a high enough temp. I make my own for fun but the type found in Italy and hear in the states is safe. Enjoy!
  2. All vodka is gluten free, no matter what kind of alcohol it is made from. The high temperatures grain alcohol is subjected to renders the gluten safe for celiacs. Vodka with flavors are usually safe as well. Drink and enjoy!
  3. I eat there all the time. I order a Budahs feast with white wine sauce and add in tofu. Make sure you repeat that you want white sauce, no soy sauce. You can order anything on their menu, just make it with white wine sauce and you are good to go. I also eat their won ton soup with no won tons in it. Very good!
  4. Today's Sunday ad section of my Orange County CA newspaper is a CVS drugstore ad for Redbridge Beer on sale for $5.99 a six pack. It's not the price that excites me. It's the fact that a large drugstore chain like CVS is now carrying best gluten-free beer around...Redbridge. everyone should go out and buy some today so we can show corporate that the brand is supported by a large audience of happy Celiacs. Tell the management they are doing a good job carrying these items and to continue doing it. Hooray for CVS Stores!
  5. It is true about IHOP putting pancake batter in their omelets AND this fact IS NOT anywhere on their menus. You must ask for your omelet to be without batter.
  6. I visited Stockholm and sone small towns in Sweden for a week and it was fabulous! Seems everyone understands gluten free. I stayed in a small hotel. They brought out gluten-free bread from the freezer for me to eat. There were gluten-free crackers out at lunch and dinner made by WASA. They do not import them to the US which is too bad since they were great, and at Mc Donalds, they have gluten-free buns. Just ask the manager. Enjoy your trip.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'll be in Massachusets and New Hampshire in June. I would like to stay away from chain restaurants if I can. Any ideas on where to eat Celiac Friendly? Thanks.
  8. I love GenSoy Protien Powder. gluten-free and wonderful taste.
  9. I dissagree about eating at a buffett in LV. I've come to LV each year for CES in January. I've eaten off the buffet lines for breakfast and dinner for 26 years straight, 11 of them as a Celiac. I've been to the Flamingo Hilton, Mirage, Paris, Ceasars, Rio and never been ill. I choose my food carefully and have NEVER had an issue with CC. Eat away! enjoy LV and enjoy the food.
  10. Here's a recipe that is great. 1 Cup Garfava flour 1/2 Cup Potato starch 1/4 Cup Tapioca starch 1/2 teaspoon Xanthan Gum 2 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 Cup granulated sugar 1/2 Cup Spectrum brand Canola Oil spread or 1/3 Cup cooking oil 2 teasoon gluten-free vanilla 1/2 cup silken tofu grated lemon peel of 1 lemon 1/2 cup boiling water cooking spray Oven at 350. lightly coat 11X17 pan with cooking spray. Sift together flours, xanthan gum, baking powder, salt. Set aside. In food processor cream sugar, butter (or oil if using) vanilla, tofu, lemon peel. Process on hihg till smooth. Add boiling water and process on hihg again till mixed completely. scrape sides down if needed. Spoon batter into pans and bake 25-30 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes before frosting. If you want sugarless cake, substitute 2/3 cup honey or pure maple syrup and reduce boiling water to 1/3 Cup. Reduce heat to 325. ENJOY!!! Winki
  11. Citrucell says Gluten Free right on the package
  12. I went there last year and the prior year with a group of 9 friends. Sadly you will have to be careful with all of the restuarants in and around the park. Nobody speaks our language in Death Valley. Bring food with you, a cooler with snacks etc. Bathrooms are no problem until you leave the park. I was as careful as could be and still was badly glutened the last day. If you can imagine a large van, with seating for 10, I'm in the back last row. It is a long drive to civilization on the way out of the park, 2 1/2 hours. I need to use a bathroom for a big D coming on and all there is around me is desert. No trees, no bushes, no bathrooms, and a van full of men and women to watch if I jump out to relieve myself in a hurry in the desert. I manage to hold it in for 45 minutes, we get to a gas station, I pile out of the van like I am shot from a cannon. The bathroom is closed! The line is for a one stall mens room and there are 7 people in line for it. I push through them all and get relief. It sounds funny now, but it was a disaster when it happened. Go anyway, just bring your own food with you. Death Valley is not to be missed.
  13. Hi Gayle, I live in Anaheim and can help you out if you wish. after 12 years of the gluten free life I am pretty good at it now. Check your private messages for my phone number and email address. WW
  14. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Be dilligent with regards to your health.
  15. Hi Everyone. This is an update on an earlier post. I did find my older brother in a heap, in pain and wanting it to end soon. There is no good news for him I'm afraid. After 2 weeks in hospital, he has a large tumor in his intestines, so large it is inoperable, also cancer has spread to liver, pancreas, bones and brain. Once cancer breaks through the intestinal wall, it travels everywhere, and travel it has. Yes, he is a Celiac. 54 years old and only diagnosed this past week, after living his entire life with what we all have gone through most of our lives until we are diagnosed. Please, please take care of yourselves! Please do not damage your intestines by eating one little bit of gluten. Not once! Because every time you damage your intestines, you can be setting up for cancer to start. Sad news for my family, but a heads up for every one of you to do the right thing. Eat well, take care of your self. Go gluten free.
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